Executive Branch by annelle morales


  • able to veto, or reject, a proposal for a law.
  • Appoint federal posts, such as members of government agencies.
  • Negotiate foreign treaties with other countries.
  • Appoint federal judges. Grant pardons, or forgiveness, for a crime.

The executive branch is the most important branch to me because I believe it has the most amount of powers and abilities over the judicial and legislative branches.

The executive branch is made up of the president and vice president.

President Barack Obama has made a total of 12 vetoes while in office.

  • i. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • ii. Barack Obama
  • iii. Vice President

I believe the executive branch is the most powerful because they carry out all the laws. They can also veto bills and have almost complete power over foreign policy. The president can negotiate treaties and command the military with out Congressional approval. This provides almost unlimited ability to do what he/she wants in that area. The most important reason why the executive is the most powerful is because the president is apart of it. Everyone relatively knows who the president is but few can name a member of Congress.


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