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Volume 1, Issue 12

Just a few thoughts…

It is getting close to Halloween. The children love the fun of the season. Costumes, pretending to be super heroes and princesses. It is a special kind of scary fun.

The world is a scary place for children. With the start of the new school year, there were lots of tears in the preschool building, but now, largely the tears are disappearing. All children, at one time or another, will face the anxiety of separation. This is not to them scary fun. It feels very real. Our goal here is to have children, of all ages, experience a place of safety and comfort here at the church.

Our homes should also be a place of safety and refuge for our children. But sometimes, even our homes seem to be filled with stress and conflicts between family members. It is part of being a family. For a sensitive child you can declare a room or corner as a "No Stress Zone". Fill it with books, comfort stuffed toys, cozy blankets, quiet games (no electronics), music, anything that says this is a place to go to relax. Let your children name the area – something fun, yet says what it is, like the Ark or the Comfort Nook.

Then let your children know that they are welcome there anytime they want or need a break. Ask occasionally if you can share in their time there. It can also become a great conversation pit. Create your own safe haven in your home. We all need a place to at time escape the scary world.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1

I hope you will enjoy using my Pumpkin carving thoughts as you prepare to share in a great family tradition.

-Renda Brinson


Stellaluna by Janelle Cannon is also a favorite that fits any season, but that children particularly enjoy around Halloween when thoughts of cats, bats and witches abound.

Stellaluna is a baby bat who is separated from her mother. She ends up in a bird’s nest befriending the baby birds and being cared for by the mother bird.

As she grows she begins to act like a bird. One day she meets other bats and soon is reunited with her mother. She learns to be a bat, not a bird. In the process, she finds out that being a bat is the best.

The story is an excellent reminder that we all need to be true to ourselves and what God created us to be.

This story highlights the different gifts, talents and abilities that bats and birds have, just like people. We are all made as individuals, in the image of God.

Faith Talk:

  1. How are we like Stellaluna? Different?
  2. How does Stellaluna show that she cares for the birds?
  3. How is Stellaluna different from the birds?
  4. How does Stellaluna feel when she finds the other bats? Her mother?



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