Jellyfish And coMb jellys

Jellyfish are unique creatures they don't have a brain, eyes, nose or a ears. They are in the same family as corals, sea anemones and other polyps. This family is called Cnidarians. There are several species of jellyfish over 200. On the other hand Comb jellies are not jellyfish they are Ctenophora similar to jellyfish but they don't have nematocysts (jellyfish stingers). Comb jellies have a unique feature they have combs to help them swim. Here are some species of jellyfish and comb jellies.

Moon Jellyfish
Pacific Sea Nettle Jellyfish
Japanese Sea Nettle Jellyfish
Purple Striped Jellyfish
Ghost Jellyfish (variety of Lion's Mane Jellyfish)
Diamond Jellyfish
Nomad Jellyfish
Sea Thimble Jellyfish
Lion's Mane Jellyfish
Crystal Jellyfish
Egg Yolk Jellyfish
Amakusa Jellyfish
Mauve Stinger Jellyfish
By The Wind Sailor
Spotted Lagoon Jellyfish
Golden Mastingias Jellyfish
Australian Spotted Jellyfish
Blubber Jellyfish
Mosaic Jellyfish
Sea Gooseberry
Upside Down Jellyfish
Arctic Deep Sea Jellyfish
Portuguese Man-O-War
Diplulmaris antarctica
Deep Sea Helmet Jellyfish
Flower Hat Jellyfish
Nomura's Jellyfish
Compass Jellyfish
Box Jellyfish
Crown Jellyfish
Mediterranean Jellyfish
Comb Jelly


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