Shooting at the Safari Park with lightweight, nimble gear

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Olympus 40mm - 150mm lens

A person (Joe Turic) whom I interviewed on my show at Pocket Lenses, had raved about a lens for his mirrorless camera. The Olympus 40mm - 150mm recently went on SALE a dropped to $99. Less than $100 for a lightweight lens that delivered great quality images? I bought one. Because of the crop factor on my micro four thirds camera, the lens is equal to an 80mm - 300mm telephoto!

What you see on this page, are examples from my day at the Safari park where I put the lens through it's paces.

I ran into a photo club at the Safari Park. I found it amusing that all of the photographers had HUGE cameras and heavy lenses that day. I snapped a few images before I went off hunting for images of my own with my light and nimble gear.

My first "catch of the day": some kinda bird

This meerkat seemed to be striking a pose in the sunlight

A ring tailed lemur checking us out

The King of the Beasts chillin' out

Saw this guy with a HEAVY load and had to capture it. He looked tired. He'd quit and packed up for the day, ready to go home. Me? I was still shooting.

Click on the images above for a better, enlarged view. Check out the detail and bokeh from my cheap little, lightweight lens!

Sonny Portacio can be described as a creative who loves to explore, loves to learn and loves to teach. A born educator, Sonny has an M.A. in Educational Technology and taught at a California University for over 10 years. He and his wife produce the world famous PodCacher podcast which focuses on the game of Geocaching (ask him more about that).

A native San Diegan, Sonny has been capturing memorable images for over 30 years. From his early days developing prints in darkrooms to the mastery of digital tools, he’s always had a passion to bring out the best from every image.

A professional working photographer, Sonny is the owner of a local San Diego photography business that specializes in headshot, event, wedding, portrait and landscape photography. Sonny is also the owner of Pocket Lenses, a website devoted to teaching photography techniques and skills using lightweight, mirrorless camera gear.

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