Passover The order of what we did was...

The first thing we did was we got into groups and filled the cups with oats,buckwheat,rice,wheat,and barley. The second thing we did was he poured water into the cups. The third thing we did was we waited 4 days and then the grains looked ready to eat.


It means anything that rises,everything that contains bread or any of the 5 spicies. ( buckwheat,barley,rice,oats,and wheat) Some examples of foods with bread are cereal,pizza,cake,bagel,toast,hamburger buns,and hot dog buns.

On A normal day you can eat cake,but on Passover you can't eat cake because it is חמץ
On a regular day you may eat pizza,but on Passover you can only eat matzah pizza.
On a daily basis you can have cereal,but on passover you cant enjoy it.
On a perfect day you perfer to have a bagel,on passover you dont eat bagels.
On a school dAy your parents can pacK you toast,on the other hand you cant eat toast on passover.
On a regular day you can eat hamburgers,but on passover you cant eat hamburgers because the bun contains bread and wheat.
On a sunny day you might choose to eat hotdogs but on passover You cant eat hotdogs because the bun has bread.


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