Letters to the World Mary Kate Kelly and Klavdia Georges

Dear Athens, don’t give up, a powerful democratic government will flourish soon.
Dear Bagdhad, treat everyone, especially women, equally.
Dear North Korea, let people live their lives how they want to.
Dear Soho, make clothes cheaper!!!!
Dear Chicago, stop killing your peers.
Dear New Delhi, appreciate the beauty, don't pollute.
Dear Cairo, preserve the history of your beautiful cities and country.


It is important for this message to be heard because all around the world there are problems. However, these problems always have solutions. We need to work hard to make this world a better place for our children and future generations. We chose Athens because we recognized their impoverished state as a country. Our advice was to hang in there because the problem will be solved soon. Our next city was Baghdad because in the news we have heard of the oppression women face in their everyday lives. We hope that this will change because everyone deserves to be treated respectfully and as equals. We the chose Pyongyang because North Korea has a controlling government under a powerful dictator. The government has the right to have a say in what people do, but they shouldn't be able to control every aspect of someone's life. Our next city was SoHo because we noticed how much fashion is important there and it causes people to not prioritize materialistic things over what truly matters; education, food, family, and health. By making the designer brands cheaper, it allows people to live comfortably and in style. We chose Chicago because living here we have noticed the extreme violence that happens in our city. This needs to be addressed because we are all brothers and sisters, and we shouldn't ever hurt each other. We then chose New Delhi because of how much the pollution is disrupting the beauty of the wonderful city. It needs to be monitored and restored. Lastly, we chose Cairo because we want the history to be preserved. It is such an important historical place, where many monumental events took place.


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