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Spices are something we use everyday, its cost is very little. Many years ago spices were so expensive you could pay your rent with just one small container. Just one pound of spice, any spice, costed about 7 fattened oxen during the spice trade. When the spice trade was going on, spice was a symbol of how wealthy you were, the more spice the more wealth. some of the main spices used during this time were cloves, nutmeg, and mace.

Three of the causes why the spice trade happened was because meat was tasteless, it was a good way to pay rent, and Muslim monopoly over priced the delicious spices. During the spice trade they didn't have freezers or fridges to keep the fresh cuts of meat cold. Most of the time they would put their meat in the ground or in barrels of salt, to keep the food somewhat safe to eat. Monopoly is a word that means that the person who sells the goods, or merchandise is the sole provider of what they sell. Most monopoly over price their merchandise because they have no competition.

Three effects of the spice trade was that it gave meat flavor, used in perfumes, and was a good use for medicine. since the meat was kept in the ground or in barrels the meat was sometimes found rotten but people still needed to have the protein, so they ate the rotten meat. when spices where found it gave meat a more pleasurable taste it was easier to eat. Deodorant was not a thing in these years but they did have perfume, most of the perfumes had ingredients made with spice. The spice gave the watery substance a scent. Everyone has at least one medical problem, either it be a disease or just a scraped knee by falling off your bike, skateboard, or just tripping over an object. Spices was one of the first natural remedies that helped with easy to fix scrapes.

The route of slave trading


When the population of the Caribbean natives started to die of diseases, dehydration, starvation, or just working until they pass, they imported Africans to the Caribbean. They imported them and turned them into slaves, they worked until sunrise til sunset. They were doing the jobs most people never wanted to do. They were forced into trade, some people were kidnapped or forced to leave their families behind.

Three causes are the native population of the Caribbean died from lack of nurture, was a consequence of Bartholomes protest, and the spice trade. The Caribbeans died and they needed replaced with someone else, they took slaves from Africa to replace the ones they lost. Bartholome was a priest at the Caribbean, he highly disliked the way the people from his own country were treating the natives. The spice trade was huge in Europe they didn't care how they got the spice they just wanted the spice.

Four effects of the slave labor were people were forced to leave their land, they were prisoners of war, slaves were to harvest crops, and the population of the Caribbean is mostly African american because their ancestors were brought to the islands for slavery. slaves were kidnapped or forced to board the ships they were to leave the land. During wars they were to fight no one cared about the lives of the African Americans, as long as they fought . They were forced to harvest the crops, their backs were covered in scars from the misbehaving whips. Their backs were in pour pain from bending over and harvesting the crops of the spices. Because so many people were transported from the time era of the trade, they never were able to go back to their home land, they stayed at the islands and made the islands their home.


The Spanish Armada is a fleet of ships made to invade England, it happened in 1588.

Three causes of the Spanish Armada was a attempt to punish England, England sea dogs kept attacking Spanish ships, and it was for revenge. queen Elizabeth I executed Mary queen of Scots and king Philip of Spain wanted revenge. England sea dogs are privateers they are state sponsored pirates they take gold, silver, and other precious metals or goods.

Three effects of the Spanish Armada is that much of the armada was destroyed by getting caught in a strong storm, Spanish weakened by defeat, and the victory of the win by France and Spain opened doors to England and French colonization of North American. France won the fight between the two country's. When they got stuck in a storm the fleets were destroyed.


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