INSECURITY My deepest fears

Majority of us yearn to live a stable life --- rooted beliefs, fixed routine, stable income, designated home and maintained relationships. However, such are not easily attained. Personally, i feel that maintaining good relationships with the people around me is, as of now, the biggest challenge.

One can only hope that her relationships with others is as rooted to the ground as a building.

I always find myself wondering, " what happens if people close to my heart leaves me ( physically and/or emotionally) one day? Will I be all alone?"

That's when I realise that what it used to be
Will never be...
They say that no man is a lone island
But how does it truly feel to live on a deserted island?
"Blood is thicker than water"
But does that guarantee anything?
are meant to be broken.

While the above are situations I dread,

they are still scenarios that i conjured up .

Instead of feeling uncertain about my future or holing up in my fears, what I constantly tell myself is that I should cherish whatever i have now and live my life to the fullest.

After all, the best is meant for those who creates his own path, alone or otherwise.


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