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The Beginning of Judaism

  • Judaism dates back to 4,000 years ago (2,000 B.C.E.) with a wealthy man named Abram.
  • Abram believed that God had told him to search for a promise land.
  • The Jewish scriptures state that Abram was renamed to Abraham, meaning "father of many."
  • God promised Abraham and his wife, Sarai, a son for many years.
  • Even though they much too old for a son, Sarai became pregnant and gave birth to Isaac.
Abraham preparing to kill Isaac
  • Years later, Abraham believed that God had told him to sacrifice Isacc.
  • Abraham was obidient to God and took his only son to the mountain, and as Abraham picked up the knife, a voice told him to sacrifice a provided ram rather than Isaac.

The Jewish Beliefs

  • The Jewish religion is a monotheistic religion, meaning the followers believe in only one God.
Deuteronomy is of the 5 books of the Torah
  • God promised to care for the Jews and they are chosen to be God's people. This promise is named the covenant.
  • God's promise should be honored by Jews trying to live a good life in return.
  • The Jewish people believe the first covenant was made with Noah. This covenant was that God promised Noah to never destroy the whole world again.
The groom is stepping on glass wrapped in cloth. Theories say it is to represent the destruction of the temple of Israel.
  • Promises are also made in marriages
  • Peace is of importance to the Jewish Religion. "Shalom" interprets to peace, it is used for "Hello" and "Goodbye."
Yitzak Rabin, Israels prime minister, assassinated for his beliefs
  • Prime minister of Israel, Yitzak Rabin, was murdered is 1995 for beliefs.
  • The pocket of his jacket was a copy of the song of peace. This is one of the many examples of Jewish persecution.
  • The Tanakh is the Hebrew bible, it consist of the Torah, Nevi'im, and Ketuvim.
  • The Torah is the first 5 books of Jewish Scriptures. The Torah's 5 books are - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.
  • The word "Torah" is derived from a Hebrew word that can mean instruction, teachings, or direction.
The Torah
  • The Nevi'im are the writings of the prophets and also contain books on Israels Kingdom
The Nevi'im
  • The last part of the Tankah is the Ketuvim, these are writings from the people of Israel.
  • Proverbs, Psalms, and the book of Job are some of the writings of the Ketuvim.
  • Many people may ask , what is the difference between Christianity and Judaism? Most people's response would be, "Oh, Jews don't believe in Jesus Christ."
  • That's semi-correct, Jewish followers believe that Jesus did not meet the needs of their vision of a messiah. This is caused them to be persecuted throughout the religions existence.
  • Not all, but some Jews follow the laws of kosher, meaning "clean, or pure.
  • Kosher is what kind of animal to eat and how it is prepared. All fruits and vegetables are kosher if they are washed with salt water.

Persecution of Jews throughout the ages

Anti-Semitism- hostility to or prejudice against Jews.

Timeline of Jewish Persecution
  • One of the first signs of Anti-Semitism was the Egyptians enslaving the Jews. Moses rescued the Jews, this was knows as the Passover.
  • The Holocaust took a toll on the Jews.
  • Before WWII the Jewish population in Europe was 9.5 million, and after it was 3.8 million Jewish survivors.
  • Roughly 6 MILLION Jews were murdered during the Holocaust.
  • From the Egyptians enslaving the Jews to the Holocaust the Jews have had a tough ride. Somehow the Jews still managed live through it, and their religion still thrives today.

Judaism Today

  • The Jewish population has flourished to over 16 million Jews in the World.
  • Israel and the U.S. hold the highest populations of Jews, with both a little over 5 million.
  • There is not currently a synagogue in New Braunfels, but Bao Quang Temple in San Antonio, Texas is the closet synagogue to us.

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