Westport’s Hidden Gem: The Cottage By Jack Lev 20’

Just before entering the town of Westport, one will notice the brownstone buildings comprised of porous bricks. Between these building lies a hidden gem: The Cottage. Located on 256 Post Rd E, this phenomenal restaurant sits in the back of a parking lot—a quaint location to say the least. The clean white walls and wooden tables located in the main dining room are perfectly accommodated by a bar which spans nearly the entire second room. There is also a “chef’s table,” where customers can view the chef’s food production process while simultaneously enjoying their meal. Although most commonly defined as “Seasonal New American plates,” The Cottage features a variety of fantastic dishes ranging from House pastrami on rye crepe to slash creek oysters.

Photos taken by Jack Lev '20

Upon arrival, I was greeted by a friendly host who requested the name for the reservation and sat me immediately at a quaint table for four. Just after I sat, I received a glass of ice water and a menu consisting of many options. To start, I ordered two of the wagyu brisket steam buns and one spicy scallop nigiri with crispy rice; both were amazing. The wagyu brisket steam buns are accompanied by napa kimchi, squid ink aioli and duck fat potato tempura to make an unbelievably amazing flavor, all complementing each other greatly. The spicy scallop nigiri was just as good; the togarashi aioli & furikake which infuse the dish with flavor leave the item not too dry nor too moist, making for a perfect blend. These dishes are each fantastic and appropriately sized for an appetizer.

From Left to Right: Wagyu Brisket Steam Buns ($10 each), Spicy Scallop Nigiri with crispy rice ($8) and Spicy Squid and Broccoli ($16) which my friend ordered and is a great appetizer. (Photos taken by Jack Lev '20).

For my entree, I went with the lobster spaghetti. One has the choice of the half portion or full, and being that I was hungry, I went for it all. This dish is made up of sea urchin, san marzano tomato and garlic crumbs which create a sweet, delicate flavor, accompanied by a light crunch and crumbly texture. This entree took approximately 12 minutes to come out and although phenomenal, filled me to the maximum. Though the lobster spaghetti was the perfect choice for that night, on most nights, I would have gone with one of the restaurants signature burgers.

The Lobster Spaghetti ($22) on the left was truly amazing while the burger on the right is my "go to." (Photo on left taken by Jack Lev '20 while photo on right was provided by Jfood eats.

Considering that my friends and I were pretty full, we neglected to order dessert. However, based on prior testimonies, one should go with the Hot Fudge & Peanut Butter Sundae with salted peanut brittle; however, my preference is the Butterscotch Pudding with graham cracker crumble and crème fraiche; both are great choices.

Overall, my experience at The Cottage was excellent. The service was fast, the waiter was pleasant and the staff attentive. The only negatives I took away were the fact that the burger was not on the menu as it always should be and although the food was quality, it was a bit expensive as The Cottage is on the fancier side of the scale. The wagyu brisket steam buns were $10 each (totaling out to $20), while the spicy scallop nigiri was $8 (for one) and the lobster spaghetti was $22. All in all, the bill came out to $50 which is pretty expensive. Granted, I was hungry, one will find themselves spending anywhere from $31 to $50 when dining at The Cottage. If you are looking to have a nice family or celebratory dinner of some sort, and want a fine dining experience, The Cottage is a must. Furthermore, I would give the restaurant a 9/10; losing half a point for its prices and half a point for its discrete location.

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