CU 1010 Journal Spring 2017

1.31.17 Time Management

1. What time management strategies did you use last semester?

I am usually good at being aware of time and how to manage it. I used my student planner to remind myself of when things needed to be done and the calendar in my room.

2. How well did they work?

Both the student planner and the calendar worked pretty well for me last semester. I was usually on time with what I need to do. I will continue to use them this semester and try to be on time with things.

2.8.17 Procrastination

1. What makes you uncomfortable?

Personally, I get uncomfortable when I have to meet deadlines and do things by a certain time. Especially when it is things I don't want to do or care about.

2. How has procrastination affected your life?

Just like anyone else, procrastination has caused me to do poorly on tests and assignments. It has caused me to loose a lot of sleep and has slowed me down. Although, I have done some of my better work under that pressure. But very rarely.

Process vs. Product?

I prefer process because it is an easier way to get things done on time and in the most efficient way possible. Good process leads to better product in my opinion.

2.28.17 Test Preperation

On Felder's checklist of test preparation methods, I scored a 5 out of 12. This made me realize how I could be preparing differently for tests. To begin with, I almost never study with peers. It has always been my thing to study alone because I feel like I can get more done without any distractions or people holding me up. However, I now see how it can be a serious advantage to study with other people and an even greater advantage if those people are doing better than me in the class or know the material better in general. I also believe I could be utilizing homework assignments better. I almost always do my homework, but I rarely sit down and think about how I can use it to learn the material and better myself come test time. Study groups and homework are the two things I most notable took away from completing Felder's checklist.

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