Strawberry Fields High School Middle school Presents

Interpretation Through Art, Fall 2020

The School Programme at Strawberry Fields High School is premised on the belief that there is an intimate relationship between interpreting art and making art. Through our art practice and literary evidence we explore possibilities for teaching interpretation through meaning making in visual arts .

“We see before we speak” John Berger

The artwork of Contemporary Visual artists is as much defined by their ideas as by their medium . The debates around the value and character of interpretation are familiar to the language and practice of Contemporary Art as well as the disciplines of art history and art criticism, Its time we find its place in our school Art and Design Curriculum.

Through artworks produced by the students we seek to view multiple interpretations and give meaning to image making through exploration, research and expression.

Articulate aims to provide teachers across disciplines as well as the students with an opportunity to develop confidence in working with art as a teaching and learning resource.

Let’s Articulate!

Middle School Coordinator: Guneet Gill

Editorial team

Design and introductions, Art Educator @Aparneet Mann, English Educator, Content Editor @Malvika Singh, Hindi Educator, Content Editor@ Poonam Gangwal, IT educator and IT support@ Shalaka Maini, Art Educator@Sehar Mohan

Editorial Team : Students

Class 7: Harnoor Singh Dhaliwal, Heeya Bedi, Mihira Maini, Anoushka Bhatt

Class 8: Harjaan Gill, Priyanjuli Goyal, Arnav Paul

Special mentions

Punita Gupta, Alka Datta, Gurpreet Khangura, Ridhima Rampal, Mohan Lal, Madhvi Bali, Archna Gulati

Written by @Guneet Gill

There are two distinct languages.There is the verbal, which separates people…And there is the visual that is understood by everybody - Yaacov Agam (Israeli sculptor)

Welcome to the first edition of ARTICULATE - the middle school newsletter. In an ever-changing world and the swiftness with which we have had to readjust and realign our lives, it is imperative that students ruminate about the transformation around them! In this time of crisis and isolation, the role of art becomes more central to our lives as we find ourselves moving inward, to the vast inner space of our thoughts and imagination, a place we perhaps neglect, especially when the world seems ‘normal’. The newsletter is a manifestation of the children’s artwork, and their interpretation of the same through their writing. Art is a powerful tool that can be used to reflect, perceive and engage with the world in productive ways.

Through monthly themes, the children will be encouraged to introspect and broadcast their interpretations through poetry, verses and stories. Writing allows the children to explore their ideas, and gives them an opportunity to express themselves. As an Institution, we at SFHS are constantly motivating students to find an artistic voice and identify and develop their own aesthetic. Let’s encourage our children to start writing regularly, as it can help them become effective communicators; and it will also provide an outlet for their feelings and thoughts.

As art critic and theorist John Berger identifies that the act of drawing or expressions through poetry is something that is inherently autobiographical - a continual process of refining vision which moves us towards a new understanding about ourselves and the world around us.

We are looking forward to seeing some beautiful artwork and to reading thought-provoking articles by our students.

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