Forum Fit Day Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021

For the fourth day of Spirit Week 2021, forums picked a theme and organized their outfits around it. Read on to learn more about what some forums did to celebrate.

Anderson forum: Aprons

The Anderson forum chose to all wear aprons for Forum Outfit Day. Daniel Ging (pictured middle right) is a sophomore in the Anderson forum and enjoyed wearing an apron to school.

"I think it's pretty sick because I finally get to participate in spirit week," Ging said.

coron forum: dress like adam sandler

Ebie Lamb (pictured left) is a sophomore in the Coron forum. She decided to wear jeans and a Hawaiian shirt to match Adam Sandler's character from the movie "Fifty First Dates."

"I didn't care how my forum decided to dress today, because my forum is like a family an I enjoy any way that we can bond together," Lamb said.

Hamstra Forum: Dress like emma

The Hamstra Forum pranked their forum leader, Emma Hamstra into thinking they were wearing jerseys for forum outfit day. However, they all dressed up as Hamstra instead. They showed their dedication by creating a Pinterest board of how way their forum leader dresses, taking photos of her, stalking her Twitter and writing detailed emails describing what Hamstra wears. The forum managed to keep the secret.

"For them to figure out what my style is so quickly is pretty impressive," Hamstra said.

hechler forum: Super Fancy secret spies

kILEY FORUm: gym rats

The Kiley forum dressed in athletic apparel to execute a "gym rat" look for forum outfit day.

M. Johnson Forum: Dress like matt

The M. Johnson forum stood out in their attire to match their forum leader, Matt Johnson. They all wore button down shirts, formal pants, and man buns. Johnson was not very happy when the group voted to dress up like him, but ultimately said he was fine with it. Flynn Malchow (pictured far left) is a junior in the M. Johnson forum.

"This is certainly more formal than what I usually wear," Malchow said.

Petersen forum: white lies

The Peterson forum got creative with their spirit day look. They all wrote white lies about themselves on tees of the same color. Tate Zeleznik is a junior in the Peterson forum.

“Everyone knows that I drink a lot of coffee so that is why I chose my white lie," Zeleznik said. “I am so excited to see what everyones white lies are because it is like a fun icebreaker."

root forum: tacky

The Root Forum voted to dress in a tacky fashion for Forum Outfit Day. McKenna Duman (pictured right), really showed up for the theme.

“I own a lot of leggings that are weird patterns that I have accumulated over the years,” Duman said. “But today I decided to wear my pepper ones and I paired it with my stitched tank top and stole one of my dad's flannels.”

Moose Guiltekin (pictued left) also dressed for the occasion.

“The only pattern pants that I own are plaid ones, so I decided to go with that,” Guiltekin said. “ I then chose to wear a middle eastern print shirt with it because it is the wackiest shirt that I own that could go with these pants.”

yager forum: tie dye and jorts

The Yager forum went with tie-dye and jorts to distinguish themselves on Forum Outfit Day. This attire was outside of Morgan McClease's comfrot zone.