Al Capone Does My Shirts By: Gennifer Cholden ,Reviewed by Shirley Flores


Al Capone Does My Shirts is about a family that moves to Alcatraz, an Island prison nearby California. Only motive for them to move is because of the job opportunity that the father had as a tower guard. As Moose and Natalie start to get comfortable to the new place, they meet Piper Williams, the daughter of the warden of Alcatraz and immediately knows she’s trouble. Regardless, moose and piper will always have a love-hate relationship. Further onto the book, the reader will figure out that Natalie is special with a condition called autism and has to be sent to a school named Esther P. Marinoff . Turns out that she gets sent back home within 2 days, crushing their parents hopes about her education. Moose then has to take the responsibility of taking care of Natalie while their mother takes a job. From that moment Moose and Natalie go on adventures that will lead and involve them to have contact with the convicts of Alcatraz and a project to do with laundry.

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Personal Review:

I would recommend this book to readers who have interest in books that involve a history. Personally I did not know why they were moving to Alcatraz in the first place but with a little research you start to find out that the time frame was during the great depression. That bit of information made it much easier to understand the rest of the book. It is a book based on real life events, that being said I feel as if Moose was imprisoned himself from all the Responsibility on Natalie and simply growing up too fast. Which was a big metaphor knowing that they were in on an entire island on prisoners. But lastly, Its fascinating to know how such "small" people can impact the whole island. Just a simple thought by one of the girls attending the school, turned into a project; a mission to complete.

"Today I moved to a twelve-acre rock covered with cement, topped with bird turd and surrounded by water. Alcatraz sits smack in the middle of the bay—so close to the city of San Francisco, I can hear them call the score on a baseball game on Marina Green. Okay, not that close. But still." Part 1: Chap. 1, p. 3
"Okay, that's it. I'm sleeping with my clothes on. Who wants to face a convicted felon in your pajamas?" Part 1: Chap. 1, p. 6
"Piper waves like she is the sweetest girl next door. For a second I almost believe her. That's how good she is. And then I realize she is the girl next door...the girl next door to Al Capone." Part 1: Chap. 6, p. 41
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Shirley Flores Castillo


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