Rajasthan March 11 to march 19, 2017

Amber Fort Very historic and scenic place. You can climb up by elephant if you want. But be careful of elephant's spray.
This is still Amber Fort. The king's restaurant is on the bottom left.
Jaipur City, the capital of Rajasthan. Holy is the paint festival in India. In the middle you can see dry paints. Poor dog! He is being painted in pink!
Inside and outside of Amber Fort
Palace of Winds.
Palace of Winds
Light up beautifully at night
Pushker Town. This is how to remove a cow from a road.
Pushkar. We rode a cable car to the top of the mountain. So scary! It stops near the top for one minute and swings in the wind! What Erika is eating in the pic on the bottom is called Falafle! It was good.
Udaipur. City Palace & Monsoon Palace. The view from the top hill was fantastic.
Kumbhalgarh--- second longest continuous walls in the world next to the Great walls of China.
Ranakpur Jain Temple
Ranakpur Jain Temple

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