MAPS Newsletter 5th june 2020

Our thoughts on this week

Miss Jarvis - I am so impressed with the way the children have come back into school this week and how well they are adapting to a very different environment. My pod have learned super quickly about social distancing, the new online timetable and hand-washing procedures. It's been a real pleasure getting to know them properly and seeing their smiling faces every morning!

Mrs Pheasant - I’d like to mention Elliott Thompson’s amazing transformational tale that he wrote. He used incredible descriptive language that engaged me and made me want to read on. His story was full of exciting moments, great vocabulary and he used all the features of a transformational tale. He showed perseverance and commitment to his writing that has made me incredibly proud. A very big well done Elliott. I would also like to mention the children in Rocking Rainbow Pod for their great attitude coming back to school. They have all worked hard and their transition into the ‘new normal’ has been seamless. They are enjoying being back and it is so great to see their smiling, happy faces each morning. Well done children

Mrs Smith - I am thrilled with the positive attitude and the resilience shown by the children at such testing times

Mrs Summers/Mrs Pyrah - Reception have loved learning about Supertato this week and how he saved the other vegetables from the evil pea. We have also thought about how we are all superheroes, first for staying at home and keeping everyone safe and now for remembering how to keep safe whilst back at school. We drew our own Superhero and thought about what powers they might have! Well done to all the children in Reception who have come back with smiles and embraced the changes with energy and enthusiasm.

Student voices

Noah Hines - I like being a small pod group, we are like a family

Raheel Butt - I love doing my outside learning in the BIG BIG Playground

Kalel - I love learning our new text map based on The Giant’s Castle!

Sergiu - I am so happy to be back at school, I wanted to come every day!

Finn - Is it time to go home? I don't want to go home!

Gabi - I liked it when we came to school on Monday, a fresh start!

Kaya - I am enjoying a quieter classroom

Kyron - I like the new school lunches

Madars - I’ve liked challenging others on TTRockstars because I’m getting really good!

Mrs Smyth - Lucas has done some fantastic reading learning. He found out lots on information about our topic and was able to clearly discuss his opinions about the text.

Miss McDonald and Mrs Marshall would like to give a special shout out to the children in Year 1 who created unique and inspiring designs for a new classroom space. Through the google classroom we got to see photos of Lego structures and colourful drawings accompanied by beautiful written explanations about the creations.

One creation in particular blew us both away and that was designed by Kayla Passmore who’s nature room offered a great space to learn and relax plus it had real life tortoises in it! Well done Kayla!

Miss Headworth - Shoutout to Oskars in Tigers for his great maths work, he is also presenting his work beautifully! Another shoutout for Scarlett for her English learning, she has worked hard to understand and explain new vocabulary she has learnt.

I have had a brilliant week back at school, it’s been lovely getting to know my year 1 pod! They have done some amazing learning and I’m really proud of how well they have all settled into our new classroom. It’s been great to see them all running in with a smile on their faces!

Miss Barre - It has been a delight to see happy faces in school again. The children have adapted incredibly well to the changes. Hearing the chatter, laughter and even the silly jokes, has made our first week back an absolute joy to be a part of.

A big well done to Agnes for her incredible writing this week. Agnes used noun phrases and included a beautiful drawing to showcase her dream classroom. She has shown a positive attitude to the ‘new normal’ and settled in well.

Miss Kennedy - It is great to be back at MAPS and to see so many smiles. Hearing the laughter and seeing so much joy has created a smooth transition back with children settling in well.

Diamond has been a delight in our pod, he is always happy and breaking out into dance. Diamond has a ‘can do’ attitude and is keen to complete his work as independently as he can. He did really well using his number bonds to 20 and even completed the challenge!

Mrs Wills - I have loved being with my pod, The Cool Smilers, this week. Their positive attitude and hard work has made me smile every day. One of our activities was weaving, which we really enjoyed, showing perseverance to complete our God’s Eyes

Mrs Steel - In Reception we have been learning about the story ‘Supertato’. The children in Mrs Steel’s pod did a fantastic job of drawing him and labelling him with some of his character traits