Iraq Dyamond Curtis and Courtney Hood

Iraq was originally part of the Ottoman Empire and occupied by the United Kingdom during WW1. It attained its independence as a kingdom in 1932. Territorial disputes between Iran lead to an ongoing war for eighty years.

The population is roughly around 38 million. The world ranking is 37 compared to other countries.

The GDP world ranking is 101. Iraq’s largely state-run economy is dominated by the oil sector, which provides most of the government’s revenue and foreign exchange earnings.

Unemployment rate and world ranking- 16% unemployment, 158 world ranking

The main industries include Petroleum, chemicals, textiles, leather, construction materials, food processing, fertilizer, metal fabrication/processing

The type of government is Federal parliamentary republic- refers to the federation of states with a republican form of government that is more or less dependent upon the confidence of parliaments at both national and subnational levels

The capitol is Baghdad

The administrative divisions are 18 governments and 1 region

On October 3 1932 they received their independence.

There constitution was drafted and approved in 2005

They have a mixed legal system of civil and islamic law

There suffrage is 18

President Fuad masum is the chief of state. There are two vice presidents (Ayad Allawi and Nuri Almaliki) President serves 4 year term and is indirectly voted from the council of representatives.

The Legislative branch is a Unicameral Council of Representatives. One legislative or parliamentary chamber/government. There are 320 members directly elected in multi seat constituencies by proportional representation vote and there are 8 seats reserved for minorities. Members serve 4 year terms.

The federal supreme court consists of 9 judges. Court's jurisdiction is limited to constitutional issues and disputes between regions or governorates and the central government. b). The judges are appointed by higher Juridical Council. 25 member committee of judicial officials that manage judiciary and prosecutors.

Flag description: The Takbir in green Arabic script (God is great) is centered in the white band, the black represents oppression, overcome through bloody struggle (red), to be replaced by a bright future (white).


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