Design For Manufacturing Callie Thiesen - Mr. Emerson - AM PD - 3-15-17

Design For Manufacturing is a unique way to process materials in the most efficient. I believe these manufacturing processes use the lean process. The lean process makes products effective by making sure no materials or time is wasted through each product's production (Mccreary, 2009). This project represents different ways of manufacturing, but all using the same production method.

For the product below I used the VSL Laser Cutter. First I had to create a CAD of my design online in order for it to be printed on the machine. Once sent to the laser cutter machine, the machine reads the CAD and uses a laser to burn of the material in order to make the product. This machine is the most accurate, because the edges are cut exactly like the design and has the least amount of vibrations. Therefore the design looks the same.

For the product below I used the SRM 20. The product also must be created in CAD in order to transfer it to the SRM 20. This machine uses a drill to cut out the product in x,y,and z axises. Also, I think this is the least accurate, because as you can see in my product the lines are not straight and there a pieces that came off.

For the product below I used the FDM Printer. Like all the others, this product must be created in CAD. This machine spits out liquid plastic then it molds after a couple seconds. Also, to create the product, it produces many layers. I think this machine is accurate but takes a very long time to finish.

Below is a video of my original CAD products and my finished products. As you can see below, in the video they are very accurate. You are able to see what each object is supposed to be, but the finished product of the CHS cut out was the least accurate due to the machine having many parts to it and how much of a vibration it has. Throughout all these machines, the main idea was the Design For Manufacturing. All three of these machines have different ways of designing, but in the end they all come out with a product(Catalan, 2016). What makes all these machines different from one another is the material it provides, the way they print, what they use to cut or burn, and the amount of time each machine takes to produce the products.

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