Good Life and Nature History Kelley emile

I really enjoyed the undersea fossil exhibit. It was so cool because the area was dark and black lighting was used with fluorescent details. This is different from your ordinary exhibit and that is why it caught my attention. The walkway was full of life to say the least. I learned what marine life looked like through the history of our Earth. I would not have been able to see these three-dimensional figures in a textbook or through a simple image. Now I understand the composition and growth of marine life. This part was just so enjoyable to me because it is different. Contributors took their time to really capture the attention of visitors.
I feel like the Butterfly Rainforest was a perfect opportunity to experience viewing myself as a member of the biotic community. I felt so relaxed and at piece in the rainforest. The sun was up and the weather was warm and the array of colors among the plant life was so inviting. It was the perfect atmosphere. There was a large crowd during my visit and it was interesting to see how excited they were about the exhibit. Everyone had a smile on their face. The Natural History Museum did not allow us to touch the plants or butterflies but we were able to watch them, which is more than enough. The butterflies were absolutely beautiful. The fact that we were not able to touch the butterflies made us less of conquers of the land. My experience instilled in me a responsibility to appreciate and respect the nature around me instead of taking it for granted.
Fossil eggs are not something that you come across everyday. The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by providing exhibits, like this, that remind us that there is a long history behind us. We are where and who we are because of what has happened before us. We may not always not what exactly happened in history but the little pieces of evidence serve as a connection. These fossil eggs are a mystery because we are not exactly sure what came from these eggs but we appreciate them because they have a story to tell.
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