Mt. SAC OER Faculty Reviews Select quoteS from participating faculty

What was your experience using OER?

"I really enjoyed using OER this semester! It took a little time to find the material I wanted, but I often found multiple versions of the concepts which made it nice. Honestly, it was the perfect semester to use OER as students who rely on borrowing the book from the library were not able to do so [due to the COVID-19 pandemic]."
"Traditional textbooks typically profess a specific way of thinking and learning which can be one-dimensional at times. Finding material from multiple resources as in a research document can lead to much more fruitful results and meaningful results."
"Because the book is online, students accessed it on demand, even before class started. This helped them stay on top of the materials starting on Day 1. In the past, I have had students who did not have access to a book b/c it did not arrive on time or they did not have the money, etc."

What were some of the noted benefits of using OER?

"Access, no cost and convenience. The greatest benefit was knowing that all students had access to the course content. There was no cost incurred by the student and the content was conveniently accessed through Canvas."
"The immediate benefit was our transition to online learning went so much smoother because students were already familiar with Canvas and they had the assigned readings. I also appreciate that students do not have to purchase an expensive textbook that they will only use one semester."

Noted Challenges?

There was a significant about of time needed to curate the material and update Canvas pages. Some of the content for the OER we used had bad links or links to resources that were dated. For most chapters I was able to copy into Canvas so I was able to edit the content and remove or correct links. I missed the quiz banks and outlines provided by textbook publishers and will work on building those on my next round of using this OER."
"Anatomy is very visual and many color pictures showing different views are necessary. Unfortunately, the OpenStax OER that we used did not have enough color pictures. We had to supplement with many images on our own. This is relatively easy to do since there are many pictures available online and I will happily do this again to save students thousands of dollars."

Final thoughts on your experience using OER?

"This was a wonderful experience and I would do it again. Textbook cost is a huge barrier for so many students and I believe the use of OER significantly improved the success rates for this course. Thank you for this great opportunity which ultimately benefited our students and also thank you for supporting us through this process."
"OER is the easiest way to make our classes more equitable! Just do it!"
"I applaud Mt. SAC for the move towards OER and plan to move my classes in that direction whenever possible. I and grateful for the opportunity to participate and be part of this ongoing process!"
"I couldn’t be more supportive of any initiative out there! Thank you to everyone who made this happen. This is transforming the quality and accessibility of our program."


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