Sailor Log THe long voyage

April 27th, 1499

The crew is quite crazy, but I can deal with that. Pepe is biting people a lot, and bit a man named Afonzo quite hard. He doesn't seem to like being stuck in such a small, claustrophobic area. The food isn't extremely fresh, but I can live with it. We were planning on possibly stopping at the Canaries, but decided it was too big of a risk for us to let other crew members out, as we haven't created the safest crew, most of which were just released from prison. I expect a mutiny soon as of this, and the fact our captain isn't the best fitted for this job he has. He does not seem to notice the fact that one wrong turn, and our life is in his hands. The Afonzo man that my dog, Pepe, bit seems a little bit sketchy, and I suspect he might be a big cause of the mutiny I expect in the future. Another reason is he took all the fruit on board, and people are getting scurvy left and right.

A portrait of me

May 3rd, 1499

Our captain is quite selfish, and won't give us much of what we need. One of the crew members is sick with scurvy. Another bad thing, there is no wind. I, and a man named Aireo, have to use a row boat to tow the boat. I don't know how I am to deal with the fact that I need to bring Pepe. He might get fiesty, and he has already bit Aireo 3 times. Meanwhile, I see why the Afonzo man is planning a mutiny. Our captain is clueless with absolute zero idea on how to control a boat.

A picture of fruit, the most simple cure of scurvy, caused by a lack of vitamin c.

May 10th, 1499

Today, my worst fear has approached. A storm has occurred, delaying our planned mutiny. Making it much worse, I fell overboard. I was close to dying, but I was saved by Pepe barking. He was attracting attention, making people back away as well. But, thankfully, people noticed I was missing as I wasn't with him. A man by the name of Hank saved me after he noticed. Pepe is hard to handle right now. I used to have him use a box as a way to go, but it is filling up. He has started going all over the place. I stepped in some of his dung as a result of this.

A picture of the ocean

May 17th, 1499

I overheard a couple of crew members talking about how bad our captain is, and honestly I agree with them. I went over there anyways, try to convince them it is too early for mutiny. They broke a man who came with me, who was also planning a mutiny, named Afonzo’s nose. Eventually, some more crew members joined in the little brawl, and one of the crew members got knocked out by a giant, whole 6 feet guy.

A painting of mutiny


May 24th, 1499

I was on the verge of falling asleep, when I hear a shriek, "LAND HO!" I immediately jump up, and I see Afonzo standing on deck, half naked. I guess he is getting the 10,000 maravedis we were promised. His eyes were sagging, my guess is he hasn't slept in 2 days. I rushed to check, and sure enough, there was a giant black area in the gray morning sky. Not many people had awoke, so he shouted it again. Seconds later, the captain comes storming to us. He decides to award Afonzo the 10,000 maravedis prize, despite the fact they seem to dislike each other by the mixture of angry and sad looks on their faces. Afonzo thanks him, which sounds like a fake "I will accept this, then." I offered Afonzo Pepe to guard his money. He accepted, as no one goes near Pepe because he will eat their leg.

2 maravedis

May 31st, 1499

East meets west

We arrived at land today. We ran into some things. We are not sure if they are people, as they have different skin tones, and don't have the humanoid look. We held up our guns, and forced them to tell us where the gold is. They told us there was an island around there that had much gems and gold. We boarded the ship once again, and sailed looking for the islands.

A painting of the people we met

June 11th, 1499

Glory, greed and home

Today, in the distance, we saw what looked like an island. We thought it could be the island that would make us rich, and we all rejoiced. Turns out, in fact it was reef. It was too late to escape! The ship sunk, and the captain went down with it. Another man who died was Aireo. I found Pepe swimming around the sunken ship, with the captain's leg in his mouth.

A painting of what it looked like while our ship was sinking

3 weeks later, still no gold. I'm getting desperate. I am on the verge of death. I don't know what will happen to Pepe, as no one except for him cares for me due to the Norwegian-Danish war, which affected my whole family tree. I dream of getting revenge on the Norwegians. They killed my great-great grandparents, which caused a infection of death within my family. They tortured all generations after that, and I narrowly missed being killed and tortured. I had to evacuate Denmark, and I moved all the way down to the Spanish-Portuguese border.

The Norwegian coat of arms

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