Glimpse of Hope By: Payton Schenk

A dream to a nightmare. People who moved out West to farm wondered where the once fertile soil was.
Where's the government? People questioned as they lived in poverty, wanting assistance.
Too little too late? The government stepped in with some food but it was just not enough for everyone.
The explanation for the Great Depression- Stock Market Crash, due to many things.
A new perspective. FDR brought with him a goal to end the Depression and he would do everything possible to meet that goal.
This was key in Roosevelt being well liked by the citizens of the United States was his communication. He communicated with the people with what he was currently being done to help the Depression in, like "Alphabet Soup".
Trial and Error. Some of FDR's programs failed early on while some succeeded. Some programs were gotten rid of years later.
The "Alphabet Soup" programs were done in FDR's first one hundred days of office. FDR called Congress into an emergency state. FDR brought hope to the Depression and helped the United States get out of the Depression little by little. Most importantly Roosevelt brought hope and his ability to communicate with the people.

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