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AEA acknowledges that our schools are in a transition period, some school districts are fully open, some are opening a couple of grades at a time. Some members are doing distance learning for a semester. School closures may occur, and learning will shift back to virtual. The webinars on this list support the work of virtual learning.

Remote Learning 101

A Whole New World :: Teachers have been asked to upend their entire approach to learning in a short amount of time. This webinar was designed to help you think through some of the obstacles and plan for a more effective system while teaching remotely. On-Demand Webinar

Strategies for Safe In-Person Instruction

Back to School: Health and Safety First :: As students return to school online, in person, or in a hybrid model, one thing is glaringly clear: what is best for our children? View the discussion from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Or, the recap.

December 15 – Managing Emotions in Times of Uncertainty and Stress

NEA EVENT :: NEA President Becky Pringle will announce a partnership between the National Education Association and Yale’s National Center for Emotional Intelligence. NEA members and staff will receive an introduction and access to “Managing Emotions in Times of Uncertainty and Stress,” an online course that outlines strategies for dealing with uncertainty, stress, and other emotions relevant to the current climate as well as strategies to help students manage their emotions.

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Tips & Tricks on How to Effectively Utilize Video Conferencing Platforms

NEA WEBINAR :: In this webinar participants will learn how to effectively utilize video conferencing platforms. Including customizing settings using Zoom or Google Meets, adding add-ons to enhance user experience on the Google Meets platform, understanding the difference in features when using a computer versus a tablet or mobile device, and learning how to access virtual meetings from your Gmail account. View on YouTube.

Accommodations and Modifications: What Paraeducators Need to Know

NEA WEBINAR :: Do you work with students who receive special education services? Do you know what accommodations and modifications they are entitled to in their Individualized Education Program (IEP)? Do you have a clear understanding of your role in providing them? This webinar provides participants with an understanding of accommodations and modifications, how they differ, and the process through which they are determined for individual students. View on YouTube.

For more from NEA on educator rights, guidance on returning to in-person instruction, our Roadmap for Ensuring Safe & Just Schools, and much more visit EducatingThroughCrisis.org

The ESP Professional Growth Continuum : What It Is and How to Use It

This webinar introduces the NEA's ESP Professional Growth Continuum and how it can be used to support members and potential members in their professional growth and development. Participants will come away with a plan for how to use the standards to increase ESPs understanding of their impact on school and student success. View on YouTube.

Social and Emotional Learning to Support the Well-Being of ESPs During COVID-19

Resources for building resilience will be provided and tips for practicing self-care will be tailored to support the unique needs identified by participants. View on YouTube.

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Learn and Lead

NEA Micro-Credentials

NEA offers over 100 micro-credentials to educators free of charge. These micro-credentials have been created and will be reviewed by educators.

Micro-credentials are a competency based recognition that can be issued for formal and informal professional learning experiences to support educators developing skills and acquiring knowledge to improve classroom practices that support student success.

Why offer micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials offer personalized learning experiences for educators.

Micro-credentials are on demand. The learning happens anywhere, anytime.

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Professional Learning Board

Sharing research-based, relevant, effective, respectful, cost-effective and timely professional development. We’re teachers. We understand.

RESEARCHED-BASED :: Recommended strategies have been tried and practiced, put-to-the-test if you will, by accomplished education professionals and subject matter specialists. This narrows questions from “Will this work?” to “How will this work with my students?”

RELEVANT :: What’s relevant today is obsolete tomorrow. PLB is constantly learning and improving so that you can count on top-of-the-line technology, methodologies and pedagogy.

EFFECTIVE :: Modeling best practices, transferable to teacher’s work with students.

COST-EFFECTIVE :: AEA Members receive a discount on all courses.

NEA ESP Webinars

NEA ESP Quality Department in the Center of Great Public Schools, in collaboration with various professionals in the education workforce, have created a wide variety of professional development webinars designed to support the professional growth of Education Support Professionals (ESP).

The Arizona Education Association believes that the health and safety of Arizona students, educators and families should be the top priority of Arizona leaders.