The Simularities of "Trash" and "The Maze Runner" By jordan fraley

Both of the books "Trash" and "The Maze Runner" are extremely well written and interesting books. They have many Simularities and differences.


In both books, the main protagonists are teenage males. The central plot is about solving a mystery. In the end, both groups escape.


In the maze runner, everyone is trapped, while in trash, the group travels to many places. All of the characters in trash are slightly younger than the ones in the maze runner. The maze runner takes place In future version of the world while trash is the the past.

Why you should read Trash

If you liked books such as, the maze runner or the hunger games, then you should read trash. Trash is a wonder book full of mystery and survival. It has many unsuspecting plot twists that will leave you stunned. If you like murder mystery, adventure, or survival books, then Trash is the book for you!
The Maze Runner is also a Great book, if you liked the hunger games or divergent, you would love this book! It is full of surprises and the plot twists and turns in ways you wouldn't expect. It is full of action, adventure, and mystery. This really is book almost every one will love!

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