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The Government of Canada has identified nine essential skills needed for the workplace. These skills are used in every job to varying degrees and at different levels of complexity. They provide the foundation for learning all other skills and enable people to evolve with their jobs and adapt to workplace change.

Reading is the ability to understand text written in sentences or paragraphs. Strong reading skills are essential to being able to learn and find information quickly and easily.

Thinking is the ability to find information, identify and evaluate solutions to a problem, make decisions, and plan and organize daily tasks.

Writing is the ability to write with a clear purpose such as to inform or request information. Use appropriate sentence structure, punctuation, wording, and tone.

Document use is the ability to find, understand or enter information (e.g. text, symbols, numbers) in different types of documents.

Computer Use is the ability to use computers, software and applications as well as other related technical tools such as a fax machine, cash registers, calculators, automated bank machines, send emails and create and modify spreadsheets.

Working With Others is the ability to work with other workers to carry out tasks. Work as a member of a team or jointly with a partner, and engage in supervisory or leadership activities.

Oral communication is the ability to use speech to give and exchange thoughts and information clearly and concisely.

Numeracy is the ability to use numbers and think in quantitative terms. Numerical estimating, money math, scheduling, budgeting and analyzing measurements or data.

Expanding your ability to learn by regularly upgrading your skills and increasing your knowledge. Learn as part of regular work or from co-workers and when we access training in the workplace or off-site.

For great links to resources to improve your 9 Essential Skills go to:

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