10-20min Fan Bike Legs only @ Easy Pace


Take your time with these!

3x5 Wall Squat w/ Arms wide

3x10 Air Squat (Eccentric Loaded)

David says, "Pull yourself into the ground"

3x5 Lunge

David says, "Squeeze your butt hard like you have a hundred dollar bill between your buttcheeks and you don't want anybody to steal it"

-Keeping the hips neutral is essential to escaping low back pain;

"Think of your pelvis like a bowl, and don't spill your soup!"

3x10 Side Lunge (each direction)

David says, "Pretend you are wearing a pair of jeans and spread your back pockets apart like you are trying to split your pants. Try to maintain the butt burn in the lead leg throughout the entire movement.

- Cant feel it in the Glute? Look down and check that your knee is behind your shoelaces and you can see the entire inside of your lower leg.

Now you're ready...


6x Pistol Squat from 18" Box +

60sec Hip Thruster from 18" Box

Five Sets, 90sec Rest between each set


2min Stairmill @ 85-90% MHR +

30sec Wall Sit

6 Sets, 3min Rest between each set

David says, "On the Stair Mill, stand tall with your core tight and don't lean on the rails..."
..."On the Wall Sits, pull your heels back into the floor to activate the back of your legs and push your ribs down to trap the back of your shirt against the wall so I couldn't pull it out."

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