Journey toVenice English 1010


The older I got it seemed as though I had less time to go on vacations. I really felt as though I could use a vacation because the last trip I took wasn’t that memorable, and between dealing with the loss of a friend and the everyday stresses of life I knew it was time. My friend was murdered a year ago on Sam Cooper over what was supposedly “road rage”. He died in March of twenty sixteen. After that happened, I really wanted to plan a vacation of my own, the last one was for my family’s reunion. I had no choice but to go and I spent majority of the time locked in my room either sleeping or eating. Besides that, the rest my summer was comprised of juggling two jobs and summer classes.

I thought that it was about time that I planned my own vacation without my parents. I was getting bored with life and each day I was getting more and more anxious to get away from the people around me both family and co-workers alike. I felt so claustrophobic in my day to day life that I knew it was time I planned my own vacation. It might have been the actual frustration towards my family, coworkers, and the loss of loved ones that motivated us to follow through with our vacation plans.

I planned this trip with two friends I knew from high school, my cousin (Corey) and a girl named Brie. We had all made an effort to start spending more time together again after the death of our friend, Dreek. Corey’s birthday was in November, which was all the leverage I needed to further push the idea of a vacation. Corey and Brie had originally planned to go to Atlanta but, that idea quickly changed when we thought about how much Dreek and the rest of us enjoyed the flowers that grew In California. Dreek, Corey and I loved to take road trips together and we would enjoy the smell of these flowers through the entire ride in the car. We knew that Dreek would enjoy a plane ride to California with us in spirit.

One of the places I worked at allowed us to donate toys. I donated a skatebord and whenever I got tired or frustrated I would pull it out of storage to clear my head. I heard that California made skateboarding popular because they would ride empty pools during droughts. I wasn’t sure if my hobby inspired the vacation or vice versa but I knew I would be taking a skateboard with me on that plane. Earlier that fall before the vaction Corey, Brie, and I would start going to the skate park fairly frequently.

When we touched down in LA we all gathered with the rest of the group. Then we took a shuttle to what appeared to be the closest hotel to LAX. It seemed as though as soon as we made it into the room all of my friends began searching on their phones. My friends and I could not wait to smell the sweet aroma of the flower that Dreek and us once enjoyed. They were calling around and could find anybody that would give them this flower. Instead of continuing our search we decided to relax and enjoy life so we decided to go to Venice Beach.

When we made it to Venice we could slightly smell the flower in the air. The first store I went to was a skate shop where the cashier reminded us that it was Memorial Day and that everybody has come from all over the world to skate at Venice’s skate park. So I decided that while my friends were tracking down the smell of the sweet flower that I was going to the skate park. When I got there I saw people of all ages and every color. There were old men on skateboards and kids. People were so diverse that different races began to look alike. We all looked alike. Then I hear a voice behind me say, “What you need bro I got that flower”!


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