Daycare Worker Desirae handy

Daycare workers are people who take care of children 6 weeks to 5 years old while the child's parents are working are unavailable they educate, nurture and take care of the child they are basically like a second parent to the child

A daycare workers environment is a happy and playful environment their setting is in a building a daycare building the people they work with are people who love kids

There could be a lot of problems or issues with a daycare worker 1st the daycare could cost a lot of money 2 there maybe some workers who are there just for the money so that means they will most likely yell at the child and will get mad and might harm the child

For the benefits for being a daycare worker you get vacation, dental, and vison

They make sure the child is all good and rested and helps the parent by taking the stress off of them

They teach the children how to communicate how to make friends things to do and things not to do they basically teach the kids life goals and skills

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