Good Life Tour of the Harn A water color made by me

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

Okakagbe Masquerade Costume by Lawrence Ajanaku

This piece of art is made up of very intricate stitchings and details that wouldn't be able to be seen or fully appreciated in a book or online. Being able to look at this costume up close I was able to analyze every stitch made by Lawrence and appreciate the time it took to make. I really enjoyed this medium of art because it is apparent the amount of work and time the artist committed to completing the costume. Any kind of sewing to me is difficult, but this costume especially must have been extremely hard to make due to the hundreds of different colors and patterns it incorporates. These colors and patterns symbolize the culture of Nigeria's northern Ebo people. By analyzing this costume I was given a sense of the culture of the Ebo people, something I have never encountered before. This piece of artwork made me feel like celebrating as the Ebo people did, and yearn to experience the celebrations they conducted with these costumes.

Design of the Museum

Museum Garden

The use of this outdoor space was my favorite part of the museum, mostly because I love nature and being outside. It allows people to escape the dim-light, air-conditioned museum and step into the fresh air and sunlight for a bit. After analyzing many pieces of art inside the museum, I went out into this garden and sat on a bench for several minutes, which allowed me to soak in and process all of the art I had just stared at. When sitting on that bench I felt peaceful, and it made me appreciate the art I had just look at and even made me excited to go back inside to look at more pieces of work.

Art and Core Values

Seated Bodhisattva

I very much enjoy the ideals and teachings of Buddha, which is why I chose to take a picture with this piece of art. It shows bodhisattva seated in the lotus position holding one had up symbolizing abhaya mudra, the gesture of fearlessness, and the varada mudra, the gift-bestowing gesture. The two gestures that this piece of artwork symbolize art important in my everyday life. I am always pushing myself to try new things and step out of my comfort zone and help others do the same. This artwork reminded me that it is important to always have balance in your life with every core value; too much fearlessness can lead to endangerment of oneself, and too much giving can lead to not enough focus on one's own wellbeing. The bodhisattva's calm demeanor and his content smile under his peaceful eyes, made me feel peaceful and appreciative for those who understand themselves. I believe in the idea ion fully knowing oneself through the practice of meditation and this sculpture reinsured me that those who do know themselves, as this bodhisattva shows, are content and full of peace. It gave me affirmation of the practice of meditation and gave me motivation to continue with the lifestyle.

Art and the Good Life

Three girls holding hands, Sertao de Paraiba, Brazil

This photograph shows three young Brazilian girls with sorrowful faces, holding hands. The image depicts the effects of poverty and industrialization on children in 1981. This photograph conveys the Good Life theme "fighting" because it shows how the children were coping with the the struggles in their life. The three girls are fighting to stay positive and continue their lives during the struggling time with the support of each other, this conveys the theme of fighting for the good life. I come from a family that is capable of supporting me and every other member in my family, I have never experienced serious financial struggle or physical endangerment; I have never had to fight to keep going in my life. This picture showed me that I was beyond blessed to grow up in Key West with the family I did. Even though I have had to fight the small things to maintain my good life, such as staying fit and keeping up my grades, I have never experienced fearing for my life as these three girls seem to be doing in the photograph. Fighting for the Good Life means something different to everyone, and I'm thankful that the fight for my Good Life only involves the small things.

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