Nature in Norway Cian & Iseline

The Bumblebee

Scientific Name: Bombus

Lifespan: 28 days

Lives: Northern hemisphere

Eats: Nectar and pollen from flowers

There are more than 250 different species of bumblebees, 50 which are found in North America

Portuguese Water Dog (Cian's beloved dog, Magellan)

Scientific name (dog): Canis lupus familiaris

Life span: 12-15 years

Eats (as a family member): Kibble with cottage cheese, treats, raw beef, water, pancakes, apples, carrots, anything off the floor, lots of peanut butter

Lives: All over the world, originally bred in Portugal


Scientific name : Lumbercina

Life span: 4-8 years

Eats: Soil, decaying roots and leaves, animal manure (poop)

Lives: Everywhere

There are about 2,700 different species of earthworms

Pine tree (branch)

Scientific name: Pinus

Life span: 100-1,000 years

Eats: Sunlight, soil and water

Lives: Northern hemisphere

There are 111 different species of pine trees


Scientific name: Poaceae

Life span: 6-8 weeks. Keeps growing back unless chemicals are poured on it.

Eats: Sunlight, soil and water

Lives: Everywhere

There are 11,313 different species of grass

For grass to start growing, the temperature of the soil has to be at least 6* Celcius


Scientific name: Taraxacum

Life span: 3 months

Eats: Sunlight, soil and water

Lives: Almost everywhere

There are 250 different species of dandelions

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