Zimbabwe Formated using the 5 themes of geography. -Alexis Wratten

•LOCATION•(where something is located)

Zimbabwe is an African country above South Africa but to the left of Botswana. Bordering countries include Mozambique and Zambia.

This is an area in the capital in need of a clean up.

This is in the city type area of Harare, which is the capital of Zimbabwe, (17 49S,31 02E)

This is another example of the buildings in the capital.

Bodies of water

Zimbabwe is landlocked.


•PLACE•(how it is to live in that country)

Zimbabwe has a large amount of natural resources produced and harvested in the country. Below area few examples.

Cultural groups and races

99.4% of Zimbabwes population consists of Africans.

Culture video below.


75% prodestant, 8.4% Roman Catholic, 8.4% Christian and Muslim, 6.8% no religion.

Zimbabwean holidays

Zimbabwe celebrates Independence Day on April 18.


It is a semi presidential republic.
You are not a citizen by birth. The government has a mixed legal system of nglish common law and roman Dutch civil laws. The government has an executive, legislative, and judicial branch.

Human-Environment Interaction.( How humans affect the environment)

Crops grown




Coffee beans

Jobs and industries.

Main Industries include timber work, mining, chemical making, and cloth making.


The black rhinoceros is very endangered.

They are this way because of the people.

Poaching put the black rhinoceros on the endangered list.

Environmental isSues.

Deforestation, often droughts, severe weather, climate change, and pollution are huge problems in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe has ozone layer protection, biodiversity programs, climate change projects, and laws avoiding pollution in hopes to help with their environmental conditions.

-REGION- (how geographers compare And contr places)

The Education system is like ours, With the same type of programs, but not as advanced.

They take similar classes
But learn different languages than we do.
The total population of Zimbabwe is 14,546,759. With a density of 33 people per square kilometer.

The area of the country is 3,9075,759 square miles.

The GDP par capital is $2,000

Life expectancy for females in Zimbabwe is 58.7

Life expectancy for males in Zimbabwe is 57.3

The literacy rate is 86.5%. More males than females can read.

Climate region.

The climate region in Zimbabwe is semi arid.

Movement(how people, goods, and ideas move)

Zimbabwe exports and imports food, machinery, chemicals, and fuels.

Zimbabwe flag

7 horizontal bands of green yellow red and black. White isosceles triangle on the left side. Ellos Zimbabwean bird. Red star is for peace.

Green is for agriculture.

Yellow is for mineral wealth.

Red is for the blood shed fighting for independence

Black is for the native people of zimbabwe.


Independence was gained from war and blood. Fighting until April 18th 1980.


Zimbabwe uses the same things we do in the capital but not as advanced.

Ways of transportation.

They use trains

They use airports but there are more unpaved airways than paved.
They use roads like we do
Unpaved roads are more common throughout the county than anything else


Zimbabwean people use the internet and use phones.

Current events

First one:

A woman named,Tarisai Musandidaro, age 25, accepted a ride from some strangers. Everything seemed okay until they stopped by some bushes.
The drivers Began dragging her behind the bushes. While they were about to do something to the woman a snake bit one of the men. This gave tarisai enough time to escape. The snake is believed to be a black mamba.

Second one:

Zimbabwe has decided to donate 2,000 animals to Mozambique.
In hopes to strike a change in the country's animal conservation. And to help them with their zoos. There should be positive results in the battle against poaching, which is also a problem in Zimbabwe.

Why people should come to zimbabwe.


This country has beyond beautiful scenery and animals to see. There are breath taking views everywhere.

The people.

It is believed that Zimbabwe has the most friendly people you could ever meet.

You will feel welcome as you are encouraged to participate in cultural activities.

A lot of people dance in zimbabwe as well as sing.

The experience

If you go to a country like Zimbabwe, you will be able to say you went and you will seem pretty cool. You will be able to tell your future grandchildren that you went to Africa.

Life as a zimbabwean teenager.

Zimbabwean kids go to school like we do. They take similar classes, such as science, math, PE/health, language classes, and artistic classes.

Peer pressure and bullying is a part of their lives just like ours.

For fun they go do the same things we do. They watch movies, play outside, and listen to music. The biggest music genre is rap and hip hop. They have fun like we do just with less advanced technology.

-Alexis Wratten


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