TOB - Male/Female Differences, Expectations, Dating Jacob Steinhilber, nicholas martino, Lucas Silva

What is the Theology of the Body? The Theology of the Body (ToB) is a message of redemption for every human person, the ToB was written by Pope John Paul VI and speaks about how every human being is created in the image and likeness of God and how the human body and human sexuality is sacred.

Popular culture regarding sexuality says it's okay to have sexual relationships outside of a marriage, in fact popular culture says it's okay to have multiple sexual relationships, these ideas go against the ToB which says that humanity should be sexually active but only when the two people in the relationship are married. Both popular culture and the ToB agree that humanity should be sexually active.

Males have different brain waves The make brain goes flatline many times Males don't tend to see feelings as easily. Females' brains are always working. Females can easily see feelings Females can react to different circumstances very easily because they use parts of the brain that men don't.

It shows that we are very different that's why it's very hard to understand each other, and therefore it makes it harder to have relationships and it cause more fights.

What are your "realistic" expectations for how males and females should behave on a date? When a male takes a female out on a date, I expect both to behave nicely and by under any circumstances not to be rude. I believe that if he brings her out for dinner, he should pay.
10 Rules for Dating: 1) Respect each other. 2) No Sexual relations until marriage. 3) No cheating. 4) For the men- no talking to other girls. 5) No use of phone while on date. 6) For the men- pay for her dinner. 7) He must call you instead of text. 8) Both must really love each other. 9) They must spend a lot of time with each other. 10) Both must be honest at all times.

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