Drones By: Phoom


Have you ever seen anything with four arms flying in the sky? It’s a drone. Drones can be very small or very large. Some sport drones can fly 5 km up in the sky. Some of them, on the other hand, can dive deep into the water. Some drones are very fast. Those ones can fly up to 120 kph. Drones can do tricks like flips, fly in circles, and tracing a person’s movement. Read more to find out about a drone’s interesting appearance, different uses of drones and basic of how-to-fly.

"Different sizes, colors, and brands."

Drones come in different sizes, colors, and brands. For example, they can be as small as 5 inches across or can be as big as 30 inches across. Drones come in almost every color. That includes black, white, yellow, blue, red, green, etc. Some drones brand such as DJI and Parrot is very popular for making sport drones This is just a few things about how drones look.

"Lots of Uses"

Some machines have only little use, but drones have lots of uses. Sometimes people use drones to deliver things. Websites like Amazon.com use drones to deliver goods you purchased. Drones can also take wide view pictures and can be used to explore hard-to-reach areas. Also, some drones are used for exploring the Moon and Mars. In the future, drones will be even more useful as technology develops.


Some machines are hard to control, but flying a drone is quite easy. First, you have the left stick which controls the drone’s flying height. Then there's the stick on the right side of the controller. This stick is used for controlling the movement of the drone. This is how to fly a basic drone but controlling drones that are for sports or doing tricks is much harder.


Drones come in different sizes, brands, and colors. They are very useful because they can deliver things and explore hard-to-reach areas. Flying basic drones are very easy. Drones can be really fun. Who knows what drones will be able to do or help us with a long way into the future.

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Phoom Punpeng


Created with images by Powie - "drone multicopter dji"

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