Gregory Hirschhorn fusion academy '17

For this After Effects Project, I used footage of Mark to mask a vain-like project to his face. I first tracked his face motion with a pen tool and then masked out the image file (png) of the veins to the tracked space. I then added glow and opacity changes with key frames. Lastly, I feathered the image out.
For the flight effect, I used footage of Michelle in front of a shot, jumping in the air. I then took the same shot without Michelle on screen. I cut out a frame of Michelle's body and used it to position-key her jump to make it appear that she darted into the air very fast. I added a trail glow by using certain plugins and added fake snow effect as well.
For this edit, I used footage i took with a fisheye lens and tripod - I used the raw footage and freeze framed a section at the push. I then took a solo clip of David falling backwards and used opacity and glow effects to make the ghost type .mp4 file. From there, I key framed positions to make a movement animation trail that bounced back.

Thank YOU!

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Gregory Hirschhorn

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