Walt Disney "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt disney

Walt Disney was born on December 5th, 1901 in Chicago Illinois. When Walt was 9 years old, he and his family moved to Kansas City. Walt spent most of his childhood there. Even as a kid, Walt had always showed interest in drawing and photography. He would draw and paint for his friends, family, and neighbors. As Walt went into high school, he decided to take art and photography for his courses. Having experience in art effected Walt's career because it meant that when he started doing professional art and photography he already knew lots about it!

Walt Disney as a child

Walt Disney's Accomplishments

Throughout Walt Disney's life, he achieved many accomplishments. Walt made the first movies with sound and color. After trying for many years he also was able to make the first full length movie called Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs which is still famous today. His full length movie won a special academy award. Another amazing thing Walt Disney did was build a theme park called Disney Land which is still very popular.

Disney Land!


creative, determined, kind

Husband of Lillian Disney, Father of Diane Disney

Who loved art, photography, and movies

Who felt determined that nothing was going to stop him from making the best movies

Who feared that everyone creating movies would give up, the war would stop people from watching movies, and that his love for making movies would come to an end

Who changed history by creating the first movies in color, sound, and full length

Who wanted to take silent and black and white movies to the next level

Born in Illinois lived in Kansas City and Hollywood


Challenges Walt Disney Experienced

Have you ever thought that Walt Disney's success came right to him, or that because he created many featured films and shows he was lucky, because he actually had to work extremely hard to get all of that achieved. After having a rough childhood, Walt moved to Hollywood with only $40 in cash. No one believed that Walt was going to be able to make any good movies with that amount of money. However, over the next few years Walt Disney worked so hard to get more money that he went into depression. Then the war came and Walt's business went completely down hill because no one had enough money to go watch movies. Finally after lots and lots of hard work Walt's films started to get more and more popular.

Walt Disney With Mickey Mouse

Walt Disney's Death

A few years after Disneyland opened, Walt began to start new plans for another Disneyland theme park in Florida. However when the second Disneyland was being constructed Walt was diagnosed with lung cancer. Later that year, Walt passed away at the age of 65. Disneyland in Florida was finished by Walt's brother named Roy, and opened in 1971.

Walt Disney's Grave Stone


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