ESTABLISHING ONSITE PRESENCE DRIVES RESULTS increase production of a Sales team through onsite Management


An international, Fortune 500 company in the life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical market had struggled with high attrition, quality candidate attraction and an unskilled workforce within a division’s internal call center. In addition, the augmented portion of their internal sales team lacked the interpersonal communication skills required to build long-term customer relationships. An off-site, third party management team was attributed to the under performance of the team.


IntelliSource implemented a comprehensive and seamless on-site management solution that aligned with the customer’s culture and long-term business strategies.


Leveraging our experience in workforce resourcing, IntelliSource attracted and hired the right people, ensuring alignment with the customer’s culture and requirements. The strong group of candidates hired enabled the division to reinstate their focus on revenue achievement and level-set their workforce to create a more positive employee experience while decreasing attrition and improving the overall customer experience.


Improved the sales training program by focusing on the brand and culture of the company, driving value, satisfaction and increased revenue. Building strong customer loyalty in today’s technology-driven marketplace means engaging customers in the critical moments of each interaction, turning the contact center into a profit center.


Established an on-site management team and seamless integration of dedicated resources including account management, teams and executive sponsorship ensuring consistency, accountability, optimal service performance and operational efficiencies across the contact center.


Augmented the company’s existing internal sales team, scaling operations through a proven data-driven approach where each sales path is predefined from identification to qualification, nurturing to up-selling or cross-selling and then funneled to the appropriate channel for closing.


  • IntelliSource shifted revenue achievement from 30% below goal to 19% above goal within the first 90 days of implementation
  • IntelliSource employees processed $10 Million worth of bids from the contact center within the first 90 days
  • IntelliSource saved the company 1520 hours of field sales teams time through streamline processes & improving the training program for new hires
  • IntelliSource will save the company an estimated $7.6 Million annually by utilizing a managed service model, replacing the traditional direct hire model