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Robbing a robbers victory

1. Paul was a popular kid in school mostly because he was always looking for new ways to make people laugh, had great people skills and loved to go with the flow. Paul had many friends and many enemies both due to his popularity. He almost never got in trouble because his teachers loved his jokes as much as his friends did. The teacher announced that a new kid would be joining the class.

A girl named Sam joined the class; she had lovely red hair, was smart and always wore a smile. Everyone called her ‘Poppy’ because of her red hair and nice nature. Poppy loved the air up in the trees so she climbed the school trees every day. When she is in the trees, she is almost undetectable and that makes her hard to catch when dropping acorns on people’s heads

Their teacher, Mr Pennyworth, told her to look around for friendly people to play with, leading her to Paul, the class clown. They immediately became good friends because Poppy was always giving Paul compliments and Paul always made her laugh. Like a jigsaw piecing back together, they fitted together perfectly.

After a week of friendship, they decided to have a sleepover on Saturday “this will be awesome!” Yelled Paul. On Saturday, Paul went over to Poppy house. The only people there were Poppy and her dad. While Paul was sleeping, he woke up to the sound of fragile glass crashing into the floor.

2. Poppy was still asleep so Paul went to investigate the suspicious sound, hoping that whatever shattered did not have to be fixed. He slowly sneaked out making sure no one wakes up, and as soon as he opens the lounge door, he sees a man with a bandit mask on his face, rummaging through every drawer and every shelf, leaving nothing behind in his trail of theft.

Paul took a second to realise that this was a real burglar in his friend’s house! ‘Of all the times!’ Paul woke Poppy very quickly and explained the horrifying situation. “There is an alarm outside that the house schematics showed.” She whispered through clenched teeth, “If you could get it the cops will be here in no time!” Poppy said. “Ok, I’ll go find it” He explained and hurried out the door.

Just then, the robber threw Paul across the room with tremendous force, grabbed Sam by the arm, and held a shiny and deadly gun to her head! Sam of course was so frightened she turned white all over! Paul, dazed and confused managed to hear the words “Let me leave or I blow her brains all over the floor” Paul could not see which person the loud bang came from.

3. In his dazed confusion, he saw Poppy running over to him through blurry eyes then passed out. He woke up in hospital fifteen minutes later. “He’s awake!” yelled Poppy. She ran to Paul and embraced him. The doctor said to him, “Well the only thing you suffered was a minor concussion.” He said. “Other than that you’re fine, just get some rest and sleep.” Paul and Poppy just stared at each other and laughed.

Ten years later:

Paul stood under the arch, checking his watch. He tapped his feet impatiently, wanting to see his bride. Just as he was about to ask where she was Poppy walked in, arm linked to her fathers. Paul blushed. The priest started. “Dearly beloved,” he spoke “We are gathered here today” Paul and Poppy didn’t listen, they were fixed on each other, just gazing. “Remember the laugh we shared at twelve?” Paul asked. Poppy nodded, and then the big question came. “Do you take your bride in sickness and health till’ death do you part?” Paul answered yes, as did Poppy. “You may kiss the bride”

4. 3 years after the wedding

Jacob sat in front of the T.V watching his shows. “Jacob dinners ready!” Jacob crawled over to the table wanting his hot dog impatiently. A knock on the door startled Paul, but did not stop him from picking up Jacob and putting him in his chair. Poppy went to get the door and screamed when she opened it. Paul ran but stopped when Jacob asked, “Is Mommy alright Daddy?” Paul just said “Mommy just got a fright is all, ok little soldier?” Jacob was too distracted with his hotdog to listen so Paul ran to her. In addition, saw a thirty-something year old man with a gun pointed at Poppy. “I know you,” said Paul through rage and worry. “And I know you” he said. “Wanna play again?”


Double, double toil and trouble fire burn and cauldron bubble!

Claw of the Weka, Thorn of the Weta,

Third eye of baby Tuatara, Severed head of Taniwha,

Swift wind of ranginui, Beak of kiwi,

Piwakawaka feathered tail, Moa fossil nail,

Pahutakawa of Mahuta, Calm water of Tangaroa,

Beautiful feather of Pukeko, Clever brain of Kakapo,

Delicious Pavlova Cream, Solid iron beam,Pekapeka’s shrill

screech, sand from Rangitoto beach,

Magic Ring of the Lord and one old wooden board.

For a charm of powerful trouble,

Like a hell broth boil and bubble,

Double, double toil and trouble,

Fire burn and cauldron bubble.


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