A letter from Jeanne

Dear Christy,

Hey, how have you been? Well, for me it’s been okay. I can’t say it's been easy, but who said it was going to be easy. Here at Manzanar everything is so different, even the people have a different way to do everything. After papa came back with the news that Pearl Harbor was bombed. We found out that Japan were the ones that had bombed Pearl Harbor. Papa had been accused of smuggling oil to the Japanese submarines and taken into custody. The 6 months that papa was gone he was being held at Fort Lincoln. During the 6 months papa sent mama one letter during that time period. Papa was gone for 6 months, and he never called. When papa was taken into custody mama cried for days. When we got to the camp I started to notice that the family stopped eating together in the mess halls. Also since we lived in a tiny apartment there was no privacy and the barracks were too small for Mama to cook in. There has been job offerings so my brothers signed up. Mama also worked as a cook to pay for the warehouse in Los Angeles. When Papa got back he was thin, he had wrinkles, and he had to use a cane. Now that papa is back he has started to drink a lot. Papa has recovered but he still continues to use his cane. Later on in the months Mama and Papa grew closer. Since Papa is a non citizen he fears the outside world.


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