PATRICK HENRY Diary-Lamia Chowdhury

DAY 1- Lamia perspective...... The natives, or the Powhatan had made massive canoes. They had cut down trees, and then burned, almost hole like structures into the tree. Then they would use shells to scrape out the ashes, to end up with canoes.
Recreation of the ships

Day 2 and 3- Patrick Henry perspective

The people at Williamsburg have recreated the ships that the English had first come in, to Jamestown. There are many parts to the ship, for example there was a deck below, which was a shady, cramped place below deck, which was where most of the sailors had resided. There were only a few beds, which were basically sacks filled with straws or feathers. The conditions the sailors had lived in were horrible, they would puke and go to the bathroom in small buckets, not really comparable to chamber pots. There had been animals put all the way below, under the deck. Now, as for the top part of the ships, the captain had steered with a rod instead of a wheel.

A typical dinner (2-4 o'clock) of the gentry

My old pal, Peyton Randolph invited me over for dinner this afternoon. I had gone in, myself only, Sarah had errands to run. My children were studying at home, but a few of Peyton's cousins had come, with their ladies. One of the slaves, I think Aggy was her name. Then Peyton stood from his chair by the fireplace. We had played some games in the game room, had a good hardy talk about politics, with some drinks at handy. Oh those ol' British, thinking they can control us. Then Elizabeth fetched the slave boys to hold our jugs, as we all sit down for some dinner. We had a wonderfully cooked dish of quails, some sweet ham, along with some steamed beans and Cheese Danishes. Then, we talked about our manly thugs, as the ladies went to the parlour to gossip. It was a very hearty meal. The slaves here are rather nice, but whatever. And around 5 of the clock, I had left.

Today, I had gone to the wig shop, for a new wig, since we were hosting the Governor's Ball in the Palace. I needed a nice formal wig. Miss Mary had shown me the most authentic wig I had ever seen. It was made of the most luscious human hair, the only wigs I myself would ever wear. My ol' buddies had worn yak hair, and such but I find it revolting. So, the wig I wanted was grey hair, natural of course, and it had a few curls, and was just very elegant. The wig was 23 pounds 2.6 shillings, and I had really debated over if I wanted to buy it or not. It was rather expensive, but I had to look exquisite for this grand event. I mean, we Virginians do love to dance.

Patrick Henry's church seat

It was Sunday, and today I had attended the morning services with Paul Carrington, and Thomas Jefferson. I had sat with Mr.Carrigton, and we had said our prayers, thanked for beautiful month, and then the preacher had said some words about the fight for independence. All for the king of course, and honestly I would have stood up and fought, but Paul had pulled me down. People say I am too harsh and firstly when it comes to this, but it really isn't right.

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