College Freshmen and Nutrition Why college administration should create a required nutritional course

A nutritional course can teach students how to make the best choices with food.

The more knowledge about nutrition a student has, the more likely they are to think about and make wise decisions. While attending class, students can learn how to make decisions on their own.

A nutritional course can assist students in developing healthy habits.

Tracking food

By logging their food choices, as a requirement of the class, students can be aware of what they are eating. This can allow freshmen to see what choices they need to change in their diet.

Making educated Decisions

By following the guidelines and advice on choosing food that they are taught in class, freshmen students can form the habit of eating healthy foods. This practice will help students to stay in good health and will continue to benefit them even after college.

A nutritional course can inspire freshmen to live a healthy lifestyle.

Students need guidance and encouragement to live healthy. Parents normally provide food for younger children. However, when given the freedom of deciding what to eat on their own in college, many students fall into harmful eating practices. A nutrition course, and the teacher of that course, can give students inspiration to do what is right.
Inspiration from a nutrition course and teachers can effect how students live after college. The practices that students establish in college can follow students into adulthood.
The habits that students form, and information they learn, in college can effect their life AND future generations.

Having a required nutrition class can benefit the students in the class as well as the people who will look up to them in the future. By making this type of course, college administration can invest in the lives of multiple generations.

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