Overcoming Adversity:Brian by: Justin Liriano


To me, adversity is a problem that is destined to be overcome, and is an opportunity for change.


The person I am interviewing is someone named Brian Liriano. Brian is 15 years old, and is an athletic person who plays sports, and recently overcame 6 months of no physical activity, due to him having hip surgery. Brian is currently in high school, where he practices sports every day. I know Brian because he is my brother, and I was there to help him through the 6 months. I chose my brother to interview because I had info on him and his adversity was big and severe, yet simple to do.

Early Life

Brian was born on March 22, 2001. As a child, Brian was very quiet, thoughtful, and was always outside. He had many friends and was always very popular, especially outside. He was known for his athletic ability at a very young age. Some of the sports he played were: Soccer, Basketball, Baseball. He also enjoyed drawing and riding his bike.

Life Accomplishments

Some of Brian's life accomplishments so far are his several high honor awards, Winning a little league Baseball championship, winning a Basketball league championship, and winning a mayors award.

The Adversity

Brian had surgery on his hip and could not do any physical activity for 6 months. The problem arose while he was hurdling in outdoor track. He continued to ignore the pain and kept pushing to the end of the season. By the time the end of the season came by, he couldn't even walk. He later found out he tore his hip labrum.

Overcoming Adversity

Brian overcame his adversity a couple of ways. He had to have surgery first to help him recover. After that, he tried to have a positive attitude and ignore his injury. He often got upset over his injury in the beginning, arguing how he couldn't do anything. He soon realized that this was not helping so he decided to stay calm and be open minded. With his patience, he overcame his injury, and was soon out and running again.


The lesson Brian learned was to have patience, accept what happened, and to be open minded. If he kept thinking about his adversity, he would get upset and impatient. He needed to be patient because he needed to wait 6 months for his recovery. 2 of Brian's character traits are persistence and positivity.


During Brian's adversity, I felt very bad for him, yet inspired by his positive attitude and his calmness during most of the situation. A lot of the time he would act like there was nothing wrong.

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