Insulin Pump Therapy for College Age Diabetics By Ryan Symens

College age type 1 diabetics should use Insulin Pump Therapy because it is an incredibly flexible treatment plan that lowers their A1C by allowing them to eat a broader variety of foods with ease.

Diabetics must give insulin with every meal to counteract the carbohydrates. Each of these meals consist of different amounts of carbohydrates, therefore needing a different number of units of insulin. The image on the far left is an example of a light meal consisting of less that 60 carbohydrates. The middle image is a heavy meal consisting of over 120 carbohydrates. Finally, the right image is a moderate meal consisting of about 90 carbohydrates.
An A1C is the total percentage of sugar that is in the blood stream. Insulin pump therapy, as opposed to the traditional method of syringes, helps to lower a diabetics blood sugar, therefore lowering their A1C.
Easier access to insulin, through a pump, increases the chance a diabetic will give insulin for all food and drink, which in turn lows A1C. It is easier and faster for a diabetic to give insulin through a pump rather than an injection.
Insulin pumps provide the user with a 24-hour continuous flow of insulin known as a basal rate, which helps to lower A1C. These basal rates can be completely customised by the user depending on each individuals needs.

Insulin pump therapy is the superior form of insulin delivery for college age type 1 diabetics. This insulin pump therapy will help to lower blood sugar, therefore lowering a diabetics A1C.

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