Suffolk's Super Centre Sudbury Community Health Centre

As a small market town in rural South Suffolk, Sudbury’s need for better healthcare facilities had been evident and in the pipeline for over 40 years. With three outdated and unfit for purpose facilities in the town and the closest acute hospitals between 15 and 45 miles away, improving service provision in the town became a necessity for the then Suffolk PCT (now West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group) – but the town needed the estate to make it happen.

“The West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group wants to provide access to a range of services under one roof, enhancing the support and quality of care offered to their patients, as well as easing the pressure on community staff and local secondary care services.” Mark Marshall, project director for NHS Property Services

Working closely with NHS PS and the West Suffolk CCG, this long-awaited building started taking shape in 2013.

This stunning piece of artwork was the winning entry to the Sudbury Community Health Centre art competition. We funded the prize, which was agreed by the NHS as part of the original bid to bring the community closer to the building in which health services will be provided. The piece entitled "Meadow Walk" was created by local artist Naomi McIllroy.
“I wanted to create a feeling of openness that incorporates nature including different leaves from the trees and wildlife such as the kingfisher and dragonfly.” Naomi McIllroy

Sudbury Community Health Centre is a true super-centre for NHS services away from hospital, housing paediatrics, dermatology, audiology, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, X-ray, dentistry, podiatry, mental health, midwifery, diagnostics and pharmacy alongside GPs. A one-stop-shop for health for the people of Sudbury.

“This was a day of celebration, marking the end of a long journey which has seen the creation of a 21st century health facility. It was a scheme which was brought to reality after listening to local people and actively involving them in its development. It will serve the community well for many years to come. Everyone involved should be proud of what they have achieved.” Jo Finn, patient and public lay member, NHS West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group at the official opening of the centre