Elements of Design
Principles of Design
Sub-sets of Balance
Goal Card

Towards the beginning of the semester I set 3 goals for myself, they were to become a better artist, find peace within myself and and tried to visually recreate them on this card by using some of my favorite symbols. The peace symbol and the sun represent my need for peace and how I feel that the morning is always most tranquil. The grey sky and urban background was meant to give a show how peace is fleeting from Earth

Pretest- Hallway

These are pretest drawings, Mrs. Burwell had us draw these 3 things before we did anything else to see our skills and our faults.

Pretest- Hand
Pretest Self Portrait

Our first real drawing where we used an actual skull as a reference.

Closed eye Gesture- Hand
Gesture- Alexis playing volleyball
Gesture- Maddie
Shapes- Spheres
Shapes- Cylinders
Shapes- Cones
Perspective- 1 point
Perspective- 2 point
Geometric Figures- Mannequin
Features- Eyes
Features- Noses
Features- Lips
Features- Ears
Digital Collage

My collage looks like you’re on the outside of a cave looking in, on the teeth inside the mouth of the cave I put my personal symbols. I used the sun, the moon my own face and a guitar to represent myself. The subject matter of this piece is looking out into the world through the cave on your personal trip through life. The title of my work is “1960 psychedelic world.” I used juxtaposition, scale and a visual metaphor to make my artwork surreal. My visual metaphor is about getting outside of your cave/perception of reality and I used a mouth as the opening just like the mouth of the cave. In my artwork I used a digital medium. I used power point and images from google to make a collage of images on that represent me as a person and my beliefs. On this artwork I used multiple different tools on power point such as transparency, color options, artistic effects and digital corrections. My love for Led Zeppelin, the grateful dead and other psychedelic bands from the 60’s and Mati Klarwein and his super surreal psychedelic art that really plays with your head and where and how he places his lines and breaks the rules of art while still using the tools of art. When I created this I wanted to express one of my biggest social issues which is some people’s inability to think outside of their own small world and to be more accepting and less narrow minded to new, different and unique ideas that. I tried to portray a funny, light hearted but still have a serious tone to the whole work. My goals in making this piece was to make sure that everything stuck out enough to be noticeable and to draw the viewers eyes all over the piece but yet allow it to blend enough into the background so it doesn’t ruin the flow of the piece. So I’d say this piece definitely helped convey the emotions and message that I wanted to. My overall thoughts are a bit disappointed because I feel like my piece could portray my theme a little better and there could be some brighter colors and something to attract more attention from the viewer. In creating this work, I have learned a lot about PowerPoint and a lot about surrealism. I’ve discovered my new favorite artist and have seen some really cool new works of art. This is definitely not what I saw as a final piece, I think I was expecting worse but I know my current piece could be quite a bit better and more artistically creative. In my future art I will definitely use some of PowerPoint’s artistic help and probably have a better idea of what images to use and how to make something more surreal.

Self Portrait

This self portrait was created using colored pencils and acrylic paint. We started by drawing a small graphite sketch then we put the sketch to scale using graph paper and for the final step, we painted in acrylic on our marker board. I like the way I illustrated my face shape and hair.

Pop Art

Pop Art- an art movement that emerged in the mid to late 1950's that involves popular images from that time period but re-illusturated with louder colors.

Clay Mask

In my ceramic mask I incorporated some of my symbols from my surrealism piece such as the moon, the sun, the guitar and the owl. I loved the way my blueprint/sketch for this project came out great but I couldn’t quite execute it the way that I wanted to. Overall I’m ok with how this came out although I’m not impressed with myself.


Created with images by oddsock - "houses of the holy - led zeppelin 1973"

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