Welcome to Mearns Academy A presentation for our new s1

It's the start of the summer holidays and it has been a final term like no other.
First of all..well done for all the hard work you have been doing at home, your teachers have been so proud of you.
Here at mearns academy your new teachers are really looking forward to welcoming you to school in august and have lots of exciting things in store for you over the year ahead.

But first a quick video - let's see the building

Our current S2 were in your position last year and some of them have messages that they would like to share with you...We asked them:

What do you know now that you wish you knew at the start of first year?

Here is what they had to say...

Ava says..."Don’t worry if you get lost, when you have been in school a couple of days it will be easy. Ask for help if you need it. Wait a little bit if the queue is long because it always gets quieter. Be yourself. Follow code of conduct. Have fun. Work hard."

Harry says..."The food is really good. The teachers understand if you get lost. I made friends really quickly."

Noah says..."I was scared but you can make friends. I have made lots by playing football and by trying to start a conversation. I have lots of friends and you can too. :)"

Caleb says..."Its not scary. You soon learn the layout of the school, so don't worry about getting lost too much. The teachers will understand if you do get lost and are a little late for class. If worried about not being able to do the work, thinking its harder, its not it just carries on from what you had been doing."

Finlay says..."The toasties are very very nice. The view is nice from out on the football field And there are very nice people to be friends with."

Katya says..."I am happy to say that the teachers at Mearns are very nice and helpful, and the work I did was mostly exciting and enjoyable such as projects and presentations. The meals at Mearns are amazing and not expensive at all. The lunch queue passes by very quickly and it's very simple to pay for your food and great sitting at the table with your friends. It was great being in S1 so I hope you have fun!"

Brogan says..."The teachers are amazing. The lunches are amazing :) Remember to take your jackets off in class!!!"

Arran says..."...When I started I was nervous to go to school. I wish I'd had this piece of advice...if you don’t like a certain subject you might as well give it a go because what is the worst that could happen?"

From Melina..."All the teachers welcome you in and our head teacher Mr Campbell wants to give you the best year possible. You get given a timetable to show you where your classes are but if you do get lost there are many prefects and teachers you could ask that are more than happy to show you where to go. You get to meet so many new friends and you get more freedom than what u had in primary. But you also have much more responsibilities. As for the break and lunch the food is amazing you get many choices and in my opinion the tray-bakes in the coffee bar are my favourite. Hope you have a great first year."

Elliot says..."My piece of advice to the future S1 pupils is to enjoy school as much as you can. It is definitely a big step forward. Do what you enjoy doing as much as you can, and school will be better, easier and more enjoyable."

And finally...almost every pupil said: "The work is not going to be TOO HARD and you don't get MILLIONS of homework." :)

next is a short video with some very important information about some very important things...

Oh...and these are sinks. You are going to be seeing them a lot. remember - wash those hands!

So there we go, a little introduction to the school.

Starting something new is exciting but it can also be a little overwhelming...so make sure you ask any questions you have and share any worries.


On the school website you can take a virtual tour of the whole building - so check that out!

But for now, have an amazing summer and we will see you all in august.

Created By
Carrie English