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Phase 1

A fantastic start to a journey that will show you just how powerful, functional and adept your body can become. Within this phase we concentrate on improving all your small muscle groups used to stabilise and assist your joints, address your weaknesses and postural issues and we will also introduce you to the energy pathways, We will explain how Exercise Produced Oxygen Capacity EPOC and Human Growth Hormone HGH will benefit you whatever your age and gender. Titan 1 will start the fat loss and muscle gain with Metabolic training. This phase is the foundation phase for all our training and under pins our core ethos; Fitter, Faster, Stronger, putting life in your years and years on your life.

Phase 2

This is the Titan Strength Phase, building on the tremendous work and improvements you will make from Titan 1. We start to address how we build strength within the core movements, building a fitter, faster, stronger you. Due to all the improvements made by activating the smaller stabilising and supporting muscles, you will soon see the increase in your body’s power and strength, this is done using a safe Training system, which is progressive, effective and safe. Don’t be alarmed by the terminology as this will not make you into a muscle bound, slow moving person, this will instead increase your Hormone response needed by both genders and increasing Bone Mass Density which is a fundamental requirement to ensure longevity. During this phase, we come off the dynamic power of Metabolic training and start introducing the stamina protocols into our CV work offset within this phase.

Phase 3

Moving through to the Conditioning phase, Titan 3 concentrates on the muscle recruitment and activation. Here we target the activation of new muscle fibers to take on the activity to increase the muscles power and stamina, so whilst increasing the strength output we add stamina to it.

One of the benefits of this phase is the increase in attachment and strength of the bodies attachments known as the Tendons, tendons require building through controlled activation of the muscle, we will also add different muscle energy systems to ensure you feel amazing at the end of this phase

Interested? Why not call Simon Hill on 07799884752 to talk in depth behind the science of Titan, a lot of people train, however, very few train scientifically.

Post Titan 1 - 4

As all sessions are recorded and analyzed, will can move back through the sessions, this time with you competing against your last session and your sessions on the last rotation, there’s no hiding and the pressure is there to perform. This will be guided by the Titan Trainer’s; however, the journey doesn’t start and finish here as each phase changes within its protocols with new exercises and ways to increase the gains


Why not call Simon Hill on 07799884752 to talk in depth behind the science of Titan, a lot of people train, however, very few train scientifically.

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