At a Glance School Turnaround + Charter Operations + Innovation Schools

At A Glance

  • A non-profit network founded in 2013
  • Currently serves 10,000 scholars in 22 schools across the country
  • Our model is specifically designed to raise achievement for historically underserved students
  • We provide a rigorous, personalized, and well-rounded educational experience to meet the unique needs of each scholar in each of our schools

PLA has successfully transformed 6 F-rated schools into A-rated schools.

PLA Scholars

The success of PLA scholars can be attributed to the comprehensive, high quality services that PLA provides to its school partners.


While some educational management organizations only offer human resources and accounting support, PLA is a nonprofit that supports its partners in the following ways:

  • Educational program (i.e., research-based curriculum, pacing guides, and assessments)
  • Pre-service professional development and an on-going coaching cycle for teachers (e.g., PLA University)
  • Human resources
  • Communications and marketing support
  • On-site quality assurance monitoring and support
  • Behavior and classroom management systems
  • Parental engagement framework