con academy By joe schreiber reviewed by Dylan polk

the story start off he the main charter William (call will in the story)who cheats his way into one of the best private schools in the country. When he get to the school he tells everyone he is from a south pacific island. Later in the story a fellow con-artist named Andrea Dufresne. She then realize that will's story does not add up. she finds out one of will pictures look the same as Florida. They take will to his dorm and she make him spill the tea. will admit the he hacked his way into school and the his family never died or lived on a island. The dean of the school goes to his dorm and tell his the go home. on the ride to the airport he find out she was a little weird from a teacher. he go back to the school to confront her. He later finds out that their the same and she had also cheated her way into the school. will keep her screat and they become friends

I think teenagers will love this book because to show them how to deal with the conflicts and problems with one each others. The story appelas to to this age groups cause they know how to use technology better then anybody else,

book trailer to con academy

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