Woolworths Food technology


There are four main sections of the Australian Food Industry these are; Agriculture and fisheries, Processing and manufacturing, food service and catering and food retail. Woolworths belongs to the food retail section of the food industry, the main function of woolworths is having food available for sale to consumers. Woolworths has a vast range of different foods and beverages that can be purchased.


Woolworth's is classified as being a large company, this is because they have stores located all over Australia, they have a high number of employees, large scale of food and high turnover. Their level of operations is high because they use a lot of machinery and are a very well known supermarket.


Woolworths has done a lot of research and development in its time, some research and development that has taken place was in October 2012 when they introduced Australias first lowest priced capsule-based coffee machine, this research and development of this product has allowed us to save money, be more time efficient and fulfil cravings easily.


In january 2012, woolworths was the first national supermarket to offer Certified Meat Standards Australia (MSA) graded australian beef to customers. Woolworths own brand ' Woolworths Select' is also tested by a National Association of Testing Authorities. Woolworths also trains their staff and has regular workshops for all their staff.


Woolworth's is a very consumer orientated company, everything they do is to benefit or help the consumer. They have implemented many promotions to help families in need. An example of this is the " For less, For Families" which helps families that buy more items at Woolworth's save money. Through consumer influences, Woolworth's helped reduce the cost of some items found in Woolworth's stores, such as laundry detergent, beef sausages, nappies, toilet paper and much more, while also installing self serve checkouts to cut the time we spend waiting in line, this helps us be more time efficient.


Woolworth's aim is to make positive contributions on the environment. Some of these contributions are saving at least 200 million liters of water each year, zero food waste where there is compost facilities available, replacing single use waxed cardboard boxes with reusable crates and much more. Woolworth's also has some smaller schemes to make a positive impact on the environment, these things include having plastic bag recycling bins at the front of the stores, reusable shopping bags and all taps in Woolworth stores are fitted with low flow taps to reduce their water use.


There are many different jobs within Woolworth's, some of these are checkout employees, supervisors, truck drivers and many more. Salaries differ for various jobs in Woolworth's for example a supervisor works longer hours but has a higher income. They have a lot of career opportunities available like working your way up and becoming a manager, they also do regular workshops to help employees gain and develop their skills and attributes. Working conditions in Woolworth's are exceptional, they provide all the correct personal protective equipment to ensure the safety of all the workers. Staff are trained in emergency situations and they know what to do if a emergency situation arises.

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