Heme iron concept What to know about Heme Iron

Heme iron supplementation

Pure hemolyzed hemoglobin powder of bovine or porcine origin derived from the food industry as raw material for iron substitution has been of interest in Sweden since the early seventies, as this is by far the best-tolerated and efficient form of iron.

This gave birth to heme iron supplementation by the creation of a pharma-grade hemoglobin powder raw material for tablets.

Heme iron tablet supplements have been in use in Scandinavia for more than 30 years. There have been no cases of serious side-effects or poisonings reported after use by literally millions.

The natural percentage of iron in bovine hemoglobin is only between 1 and 3 %. To make oral products reach recommended daily allowance dosage the next step was to develop a procedure where the hemoglobin molecules could be made to carry more iron.

This was eventually made and today the OptiFer® line of products contain all iron as heme iron. They are optimised for recommended daily allowance as iron supplements and could even be made to contain allowances for registered medical products. The iron added is totally integrated with the hemoglobin and will not dissolve before uptake. Disintegration happens only within the gastric cells, just as with natural hemoglobin, giving optimal efficacy and tolerance.

There are important arguments to be made for heme iron except for nearly perfect tolerance and the highest efficacy of any oral therapy. These are for instance that the raw material is organic and not synthethic, that efficay and tolerance will remain the same over time.

This, plus the fact that it is possible to receive easy, safe and effective oral therapy without clinical appointments, is good news for chronics.

Ease of use: One or two tablets at any time during the day.

Best and most efficient way of absorbing the iron

Long-time use with good experiences

Heme iron is natural for man and still is the best and most efficient way of absorbing the iron we all need to live and for our bodies to function properly. In a normal diet heme iron from meat products play a large role. Efficacy in supplements is good and there is an extremely good record of tolerance.

Iron is an essential trace element that has important metabolic functions, including oxygen transport and storage and many redox reactions.

Insufficient intake results in the deficiency condition anaemia, adverse outcomes of pregnancy, impaired psychomotor development and cognitive performance and reduced immune function.

Regular supplements often produce side-effects

The regular iron supplements today are synthetic and often produce gastrointestinal side-effects which in many cases terminate the important therapy. Modern women often eat a varied diet and lives healthily. Despite this iron deficiency is more common today than 50 years ago. This is mainly because women eat less in total and comparatively less heme iron.

There are two kinds of dietary iron: the inorganic iron found in vegetables and as enrichment or supplements and organic iron also known as hemoglobin or heme iron, found in meat courses.

Only two forms of bio-available iron, Heme and Non-heme

Hemoglobin/Heme iron is found in meat, poultry or fish and non- heme iron from vegetables, dairy products or chemically bonded iron in synthetic supplements.

Heme iron is taken up efficiently as a whole structure.

Heme iron is taken up along the whole gastro- intestinal tract (not only the first part) and, unlike non-heme iron, absorption is not affected by other chelating components of the diet such as phytates, tannates and phosphate.

Different iron salts and other synthetic/artificial chemical iron compounds are used in the regular supplements with mixed results. This iron is called non-heme. The uptake is only 2-4 % and there are often tolerance problems.

Heme iron uptake is 20 - 40 % and is not affected by simultaneously ingested food, drink or medication. It will also not block the uptake of zinc as non-heme iron in doses over 60 mg will.

In clinical studies heme iron always shows exceptional tolerance and efficacy. Much better than non-heme chemical/artificial supplements.

OptiFer® F is the basic Heme Iron/Folic Acid tablet for pregnancy or planned pregnancy.

You can today find OptiFer® F on amazon.uk, amazon.de, amazon.fr, amazon.it, amazon.es and jumia.co.ke

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